Mrs. Goheen Transcript By odin johnston

Odin: Alright start with your name

Mrs. Goheen: My name is Alecia Goheen

Odin: My name is Odin Johnston. Okay, so question one, before you became a teacher what was your dream Job? If it was a teacher, why?

Mrs: Goheen: it was not a dream job to become a teacher for me, in fact I started college in education and then I switched my major seven times after that because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, But eventually I decided I did not want to become a teacher and I went into journalism and got my degree in journalism and mass communications and my specialty in in public relations and then I worked at PR of a long time

Odin: it sounded like you were trying to find yourself in college rather than high school

Mrs: Goheen: yes, which I think I was more myself in college than I was in high school, except that is a more expensive way to go

Odin: I bet. What was your high school life like?

Mrs. Goheen: I really disliked high school, 9th grade was fine, my sophomore year I skipped 60 times if that tells you anything about my high school life, but that was before we had truancy, I had straight A’s but I found it frustrating that my teachers would spend all of their time disciplining students instead of actually being able to teach us content and so I would just skip, and then my mom always told me I was kind of an old soul so I didn’t really get into the drama of high school and that bother me a lot

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