Important Discovery Made BY local Students BY ELAINE LI,SCHOOL REPORTer

Ontario Canada--Dec,1,2025,Two girls at University of Toronto found new type of bacteria, Now, the bacteria was acknowledged by scientist and this bacteria has been map entry.Also the government has give them award.

lots of test tube in their lab

Dec.1,2025,professor Li let his students did a report by using microscope to observe a glass of water from polluted river. Our two girls was surprised that they found a bacteria which they had never seen before,soc when they handed in,they mentioned this discovery .It's make Professor Li very interested,so he let the two girls continue researching and he will gave them some help.

the girl was using microscope to observe the germ they found

So the two girl start their research,on the daytime,they study their schoolwork ,at night they went to lab to research,it was hard but worthy.After a few months,they finally found an amazing discovery,this germ was new!Nobody had found them before.Both of two girls can't believe their eyes.

It was so amazing!I was so lucky that i can found this new germ ,oh my god!I can't believe what happened!Thanks to my partner,thanks to my teacher,I love you,guys!Said one of two girls
the germ they found
I had never think this germ is new one,when the two girls said this,i just think 'Are you kidding me?'Anyway i was so proud of my students,they always bring amazing discovery to me.Said Prefssor Li

Sometimes people always can found something unexpected by accident.Now the germ was named by the two girls' name."Everyone need try their best to do everything,because you don;t know what will happen in the future."Said the girl.

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