America founded as a Christian nation By Aaron Mason

George Washington encouraged troops to pray. He wanted them to pray especially when I mixed company like Indian family's. It was commen for him to gather the troops in a camp and pray. He would also have worship groups in the middle of the camps.

Daniel Webster made a bible that used words that were similar to the more complex words in he bible. The reason he did this was because of how much the bible was read during the beginning of America. He is also known for other works he did.

A slave by the name of Robert smalls escaped. He lead his people out of slavery . They has long moments hiding .the way they got through it was by praying .

Thomas Baldwin was a pastors so a me he would often be called upon to give a sermon. He lasted became the pastor once his father died . Then after making the church strong he left and when all over helping start new churches . He helped to start 32 different churches and he was the leading editor for the American baptist magazine. He then died at the age of 72.

Jeremiah earnn was a pastor in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., and New Jersey. He became president of Howard University in 1889. Rankin preached this sermon in 1876 in Washington, D.C. He made a very nice speech/sermon about how God was such a big part of Americas future .

Johnathen mayhem was a Massachusetts clergyman. He graduated with honors from Harvard in 1744 and began pastoring the West Church (Boston) in 1747. He made a great speech after a life changing earthquake.

Abraham Lincoln writes a famous letter freeing of slaves. This was a huge part of history. Some of the letter betrays some talk of God.

Ben Franklin called a meeting . This meeting was for the seeking of God . In this William Rodgers made an amazing speech.

In a letter to London Thomas Jefferson as if the US could come . In the letter Thomas Jefferson says "in the year of our Lord Christ." . The word Christ isn't used very often in presidential letter.


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