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Is Everest worth the risk or not

1. The best feeling ever is success and a feat like climbing must give the best feeling in the world

2. It can be very hard to climb Everest

3. Some people choose to do other challenges like ski down Everest

Is globalization is good or bad?

1. It benefit most people

2. It allows the ability to exchange knowledge

3. It allows for better health


What Does It Mean To Be A Good Citizen?

Being a good citizen can mean a lot of things. As we already know every citizen has some rights (something given not earned) and some responsibilities (things you should to do). The most important part of being a citizen is that they are informed and vote, and they speak their minds to help make the community/country be better! Another point is that if that a citizen strongly believes in something they should probably petition (try to get signatures to get what they want) for it. Obviously they should follow the law (rules that have to be followed) and pay taxes (money added to things you buy to help fund the government).

What is a government and why is it necessary?

What is a government and why is it necessary? Government is a necessary component to society because without it there would be anarchy and no one would be nice. One example of this is that government has protection for the citizens they will be more willing to try new things. Things like buying stuff, without the government the citizens would worry that other people would steal their belongings. The leaders or government makes a constitution to protect everyone's rights and responsibilities. The U.S. constitution has laws that everyone must follow and the right and responsibility to vote. All in all the government helps us stay healthy protect us and much more.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

There are many centripetal and centrifugal forces that work for and against them. One centripetal force is that they have a cultural identity and the EU is like a community. The EU has their own flag and motto and they have holidays like Europe day to bring them together as well as the citizenship and the economic activity, there is a trade bloc and global market. One centrifugal force is that more than 20 different languages are spoken in the EU. There are many different countries in the EU so that means many different languages and it makes it hard to communicate with other countries. Also, countries might have different points of view on economic things because they are each different. In conclusion the EU is a interesting place to live between the many languages and cultures and advantages and disadvantages. The EU would be a really cool place full of cooperation.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

Living in the desert presents many challenges from keeping cool in the day to keeping warm in the night. Some things people do to adapt to the desert environment it build their houses out of clay because clay is sturdy and can vent air. Another thing people do is live by oases (areas that support plant life in the desert) so they can get water easily. All these things are things that people do to survive in desert regions.

How has black gold helped shape a region?

The well being of the region could get better. The HDI GDP get higher in most oil rich countries. The HDI, GDP and life expectancy get higher in most oil rich countries. Kuwait has the best HDI rank in Southwest Asia. Kuwait has the best HDI rank in Southwest Asia. The life expectancy rates have improved. In 2002 the life expectancy rate increased by 15 years. Oil has help shape asia in many ways.

Mt. Everest, is it worth the risk or not?

I am on both sides because on one side, it is the most terrifying thing and you can die trying to climb this mountain also it is a emotional battle on this long trek and a lot of climbers ask themselves why they are doing this and that is fine. but also if you look at it in the sense that it will be a fun a cool experience that you will never forget but also gives a challenge and a motivation to climb having the title of a mountain in the big seven but either way if you think you should or shouldn't go and climb Mount Everest then follow your gut.

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