The Globe Theater Skye Watters, Period 2

these are different views of the Globe theater.

Thesis : The Globe Theater provided an audience, structure, and the ability to perform scenic effects, all of which influenced Shakespeare and modern day playwrights.


Quote #1: “...and the Globe’s audiences were more like spectators at a sporting event than respectful and passive observers” (Hager 1).

Paraphrase: During Elizabethan time the audience was very judgemental and aggressive towards actors during a performance. Unlike modern day manners, they would behave disrespectfully when at the theatre.

Commentary: Crowds in Shakespeare’s time were very judgmental towards his and others’ plays’. I believe this may be what motivated him to be such an amazing playwright; he wanted to please his audience as well as himself.

Quote #2: "But most of the Globe’s audience consisted of prosperous citizens, such as merchants, craftworkers, and their wives, and members of the upper class" (Lander).

Commentary: A majority of Shakespeare's spectators were people of the upper class. I assume this means he was treated with much respect and looked at as popular figure. His play must've been very aesthetic

Quote #3: "Shakespeare’s plays were also produced at the royal court, in the houses of noble families, and sometimes in universities and law schools. For most of his career, he thus wrote plays that had to appeal to people of many backgrounds and tastes" (Lander).

Commentary:Shakespeare's plays were adored by the nobles and royal family. He needed to write his plays keeping in mind that his work most appease many people. I think this fact alone proves how much of a talented writer Shakespeare was. To have had such recognition.

Quote #4: "By 1954, he was a charter member of the theatrical company called the Lord Chamberlain's Men..the King's men were supported by King James Himself" ( Anderson).

Paraphrase: Along with other select poets, Shakespeare was supported by King James-later to be formally known as the King's Men

Commentary: A majority of Shakespeare's spectators were upper class people; His work was even supported by the King himself. To have the highest power in the land be your support must've pleased Shakespeare's view on his work.


Quote #5: "Three overhanging tiered galleries seated the audience. The top gallery had a thatched roof, but the rest of the theater was open to the elements" (Hager 1)

Paraphrase: The seating above was had an overview of the stage. The roof was weak, but it covered most weather unlike the seatings below, where the audience was open to the elements

Commentary: This design shows the designated fit the class in society. Since the view from the galleries were up, I assume that was the seating for rich people. The wealthy whom sat up in the galleries had both a better view, and better coverage

Quote #6: "Trapdoors were placed in the floor of the main stage for the entrances and exits of ghosts and for descents into hell" (Anderson)

Commentary: Shakespeare's theater design was very thought out and well designed. Having trapdoors built in showed the unique stories that Shakespeare must've written.

Quote #7: "Little is known about the Globe's design except what can be learned from maps and evidence from the plays presented there. The Globe was round or polygonal on the outside and probably round on the inside" (Seidel).

Paraphrase: There were no left blueprints or diagrams for historians to study of the Globe Theatre. All we can study is the remains or the building left standing.

Commentary:Although we only know little about the Old Globe, it's remains are very helpful and they help us understand Shakespeare's plays better. The theater is still visited and wonderfully observed many fans today

Scenic Effects

Quote #8: "One scene could follow another quickly because there was no curtain to close and open and no scenery to change" (Lander)

Commentary: The decoration and props were very simple, there was not much to move when they transitioned scenes. To me, this proves that his script must've been very descriptive in order for the audience to know where each scene was happening.

Quote #9: "The stage was "set" by the language...and the stage might have been hung with colorful banners and trappings" (Anderson)

Commentary: There weren't many scenic effects to help set a settings in Shakespeare's plays. Using their voice and body, the actors set the scene where props couldn't.

Quote #10: "Some props or special effects could therefore be 'entranced' or 'exited' via the trapdoors. Actors could appear or disappear via the stage trapdoors" (Globe).

Commentary: Any/most scenic effects were brought in through the trapdoors for the plays. Actors and props would appear and disappear; this was satisfying enough to the audience to be considered special effects.

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