Ajai Kasim is a consummate artist. From a very early age he showed signs of creativity with his drawing and art making skills. An Oakland creative, Ajai’s emphatic connection to creativity allows him to connect with all art and find ways to deliver his performance professionally with artistic intention. Be it poetry, dance, visual arts, fashion design, music production, or MC’n; Ajai covers myriad forms of expression.


His journey as an MC began little more than three year ago and is quickly becoming his greatest passion. Soon poems evolved into lyrics, lyrics into songs, and these songs have become his main source of healing and happiness. For Ajai, the creative process is a personal one that results in poignant stories over eclectic, jazz-laden hip hop from a live band, and R&B tracks that together connect listeners to Ajai’s stories. In this short period of time Ajai has become one of the most sought after young performers for the Bay Area's summer music festivals: Latham Square; 2018 Oakland's Lakefest, 2017 Oaktoberfest, and is set to rock Oakhella's 2019 season closing festival in August. Ajai has moved crowds opening for recording hip hop artist Saweetie at Oakland Complex and R&B Singer songwriter Marteen at Brick & Morter SF. One of this years hightlights of 2019 included gracing the stage as a featured performer for 2019 BandCamp's Grand Opening of their Oakland, CA location. GoProForCause; AirBnB; Daveed Diggs & Rafael; YoYo Ma; Dave Grohl @ Oakland's Fox Theater; Steph Curry Foundation Rising Star Award.


2018 Yo-Yo Ma & XQ presents Oakland Block Party



Written and Performed by: @twisted_cant_fix_it & @official.jwalt

Directors: @shakajamal @twisted_cant_fix_it

For Booking Info Contact: Sonia Whittle @ Lbugwhittle@gmail.com



OSA 2019 Social Fabrics Fashion Show. Transparent panel trench coat with navy trousers and orange midnight lace sleeve shirt. Mode: Arya Damany
Model: M'Kai Joseph
OSA 2019 Social Fabric Fashion Show

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