Using Social Media to Build your Personal Learning Network Follow presentation at https://goo.gl/zBrTaV

The focus of today's discussion is your own professional learning through social media channels. We do not have a district social media policy so there will be no discussion of using it with students or in the classroom.

Keep your professional pages separate from your personal. Use professional email and conduct yourself as you would at work.

Sample of my news feed

Some of the things you can expect to find:

Professional articles

Resources and tips

Lots of examples of student work.

What does it all mean?

Who sees what I post? How do I get more people to see my posts?

Hashtags for Educators

Google "hashtags for education" and you will find all kinds of suggestions.

What are Twitter Chats?


How do I search for posts on a specific topic?

How do I get started and Who should I follow?

Choose a few hashtags which interest you and enter them into the search box.

Follow some people who are sharing interesting ideas under these hashtags. You can follow anyone and they may follow you back.

Find some of the organizations you respect.

Find some of the influential people in your field.


A few words about facebook

Do a Google search of “Facebook pages for Educators”. A few of my favorites are, “School Librarians Workshop”, "Future Ready Librarians" and “BreakoutEDU”. Unlike the 140 character limit of Twitter, you can have some real conversations on Facebook.


This is a largely overlooked community of similar interest groups sharing tips and updates on a regular basis. Especially useful for G Suite products.

Google+ is not currently available on our SAU24 gmail accounts so you will have to participate in Google+ on a personal email. You can create one specifically for this purpose and expect that it will open up soon to SAU24 staff.

A sampling of some of the groups I follow.

Collections vs. Communities

Communities are very interactive and are run by the users.

Collections are managed by one person or group and users can follow content posted by the owner.


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