The difference between Vascular and Nonvascular By:Merceadys bohan

Vascular plants. Vascular plants are the plants that has roots, leaves, stem. Vascular plants also have a xylem and a phloem xylem which transports water from the roots to the rest of the plant. Phloem transports food made into leaves to the rest of the plants. Some examples include flowers and trees.

What are Non vascular plants? Non-vascular plants do not have true roots,leaves, and more leaves. They are also so missing xylem and a phloem. They are found in moist environment. Examples include, moss and liverworts/hornets.

The differences between vascular and non-vascular. Vascular plants have a xylem and a phloem the non-vascular plants do not. Vascular plants make trees vascular plants do not they make flowers. Vascular plants do not live in a moist areas like non vascular plants do.


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