This particular piece stood out to me purely because of the medium of work, which is a crystal rock. Something I enjoyed about this particular piece is the clarity of it- the refreshing color of the mediterranean blue compliments the chalky white coating. This display was different because the true artist of this work is mother nature. Yes, someone found it and displayed it in an art museum to be appreciated, however it was the force and mystery of nature that created this artwork in the first place, probably thousands of years ago. This artwork makes me feel tranquil, blissful, and at peace. Just like people, this rock is plain on the outside, yet extraordinarily beautiful on the inside.


This particular part of the museum, the Irving J. Goffman garden, particularly appealed to me due to the overlying beauty that is to be found in its simplistic layout and small space perimeter. I adore the natural sunlight that flows in between the four small walls as it gives a feeling of being outdoors even though the looker is inside the museum. They did an excellent job utilizing this small space, as it is smaller than a bedroom however gives a home to so much life and lush greenery. I appreciate the thoughtful placement of the beautiful clay vase in the corner, as the orange of the vase contrasts sharply with the green foliage, giving the overall exhibit an astounding look. This display makes me feel strong, happy, and in control. It takes the wildness of nature and tames it in a beautiful display.


An important core value of mine is contentment. I believe that if you are content with yourself and the people and ideals you surround yourself with, that is the key to ultimate happiness. Hinduism emphasizes not being greedy or harsh, and not taking what you do not need in light of maintaining good karma. Hinduism emphasizes contentment with your everyday doings as well as what you eat, wear, and who you surround yourself with. I am a yoga instructor, so Eastern philosophy is something I hold very dear to my core values and I incorporate the ideals into my everyday practice as well as classes. Seeing relics of worshipped beings of these Eastern religions, even if they are missing a hand as this one is, is a privilege as I still get to immerse myself in the ideals that it stands for. This artwork makes me feel like I am on the right path, and it makes me feel like my faith is in good hands.


This image represents the enormity of human intellect and just how far it can take us as a civilization. Cities have always fascinated me, how something that seems larger than life can be erected from a single human mind. This particular photograph depicts the good life theme of Embodying the good life. My silhouette in the reflection of the photograph depicts to me that I can achieve anything I set my mind to, possibly even building a skyscraper. In a more abstract sense, My silhouette being the size of the skyscrapers shows that this world isn't too big for me, and that I can impact it in any way I choose if i put my mind to it. It communicates the theme of embodiment because the juxtaposition of body to skyscraper shows just how small we really are, yet how large our minds can expand.

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