Florida Museum of Natural History Spark story -lindsay phillips

My favorite exhibit was the butterfly garden. It was such a cool experience to be able to walk through the habitat and see all the different types of butterflies flying around. Throughout the exhibit hidden within the plants were different information boards that visitors could read to learn more about the butterflies around them. One in particular was about their feeding habits which I found interesting because as I walked through, I saw three beautiful butterflies sitting on a couple of peeled bananas eating them. It was very interesting to see them up close. The information board explained how the sugars provided energy for flight and amino acids help build eggs. I would not have been able to gather as much new information about the species if the exhibit wasn't so interactive. Being able to walk through the butterflies taught me so much about them.
As Leopald states, nature should be admired and loved. As I walked through the museum I felt myself understanding more about what he meant. The butterfly garden was a cool way to see the species up close while still respecting their habitat. We made sure not to touch the animals or the plants and to simply admire them from a safe distance. When we entered the exhibit we were told to wait until the first door closed completely before opening the second, which I thought was very important so the guests wouldn't disturb the animals' peace by allowing them to fly through the exhibit. After leaving the museum I know I will be more intrigued by the nature and wildlife here on campus.
Often, as busy college students, we find ourselves constantly in a rush and focusing on the next thing or the next task ahead of us. Being able to take time on a beautiful day to visit the museum was a wonderful way to enjoy some of the resources that UF and Gainesville have to offer. Living the good life means living in the moment and living in happiness rather than always searching for it. Stopping for a moment to enjoy what is around us will help us throughout our lives. Instead of going through my normal, daily routine I was able to enjoy the beauty and majesty of nature within the History Museum and I know this will encourage me to do so outside of class.

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