PKU (Phenylketonuria) Affect on Pregnancy By Cinthya Cherian

Phenylketonuria ( PKU) Is a genetic disorder in which a person's blood has a build of L-phenylalanine :an essential amino acid found mainly in proteins like egg , milk , cheese, and meat. It can Also be found in artificial sweeteners, diet sodas, diet foods,and chewing gum.

Excessive intake of phenylalanine or women who is already affected by it can lead to affecting the baby in the womb possibly to develop brain disorder: intellectual disabilities,small head size, seizures, twitching body movements.

This diagram shows how a baby can be affected physically by PKU.
Chewing gum can affect the baby to have brain disorder.

Women who has PKU should eat specific diets, since the baby in the womb cannot ingest phenylalanine. Babies affected by PKU should not be given foods like egg, milk, cheese, beans, meat/ poultry, fish, and food that contain aspartame. They can foods low in protein like cereal and grain. Women affected by PKU should check her Phe levels once in a week.

Foods high and low in Phenylalanine

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