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Celebration Cottage is a concept built specifically for catering. Executive Chef Denise Greer is hailed by many in the area as the very best in the industry for her versitility and care in each dish she executes. No one will be working harder than Denise on your wedding day as she oversees that your menu is cooked to perfection. Because of Denise and her team, our reputation for quality and attention to detail is unmatched.

The information that we are providing you today is based on our base package which begins at $35.00 per person. The menus are sample only in order to give you an idea of what COULD be. Once the date is booked you will work with Denise directly to create a menu that is truly your own.

Celebration Cottage sits on three ocean front lots at the end of Money Island Drive in Atlantic Beach, NC.

Celebration was built with events in mind and has no bedrooms. Instead we offer 3 levels with an open floorplan and a huge seaside deck for dining and dancing under the stars.

The fact that we can accomidate any menu requests can be daunting. We understand it may take a few suggestions for you to choose what the perfect meal is for your dream day!

Therefore Chef Denise has provided us with a few "Sample Menus" for you to get some ideas together! Let us know what your ideas and questions are! We are always here to help!


Warm spinach and artichoke dip with toasted lavosh (stationary)

Dinner- Served buffet style

Mixed greens topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries, feta and sliced almonds dressed with French vinaigrette

House baked rolls and butter

Chicken Piccata-Boneless chicken breast sautéed in butter with a lemon, butter and caper sauce

Rice pilaf

Vegetable medley- Sautéed zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes and onions

Spinach and artichoke dip (very vegetarian). Served with toasted lavosh.

Blueberry, Strawberry and Almond Salad.

Chicken Piccata on buffet.

Grilled summer vegetables with garlic aioli

Or maybe something fun like a Nuevo Mexican Feast

Dinner- set up buffet style

House cooked tortilla chips with red salsa, fruit salsa and guacamole

Al Pastor- Marinated pork steak strips grilled with pineapple and onions

Grilled marinated boneless chicken breast strips

Sautéed onions with red and green peppers

Spanish rice

Frioles de olla- Pinto beans cooked with chorizo, onions, garlic and tomatoes

Corn and flour tortillas

Bowls of cheese, tomatoes, green onions, sour cream, and assorted hot sauces to top tacos

But .. this close to the ocean ...

We should talk about our amazing local seafood!

Low Country Shrimp Boil

Thick cut coleslaw

Corn spoon bread with whipped honey butter

A medley of large peel & eat shrimp, smoked sausage, chicken thighs, red potatoes, sweet onions and corn on the cob all steamed in beer, butter and Old Bay then served piping hot with sides of melted butter, cocktail sauce and Old Bay for dipping.

Here are the basic logistics. Your meal can be served any style you like, Sit Down, Buffet, Stations (Heavy Hor D Oeuvres). We want your meal to compliment the feel of your event.

Menu- Start at $35 per person and include the following:

Appetizer- Warm rustic spinach and artichoke dip with lavosh crackers


Rolls and butter




Additional appetizers can be added starting at $2.50 per person.

Like these handmade Sweet Potato Biscuits with Ham & Pimento Cheese

Or hand rolled sushi.

YES! Hand rolled SUSHI!!

Cheese and fresh baked breadsticks

Fresh Fruit Displays..

Extra ADD ON APPETIZERS Priced per person. Prices subject to change at any time.


Fruit salsa, salsa verde, guacamole and house made chips $4.50

Grilled vegetables with soy aioli $4

IG crab dip with toasted crostini $3.50

Traditional shrimp cocktail with Bloody Mary sauce $5

Hawaiian tuna poke $5

Beef or vegetarian samosas with chutney $5

Antipasti with meats, veggies, cheeses and breads $8.00

Charcuterie board- cheeses, pickled veggies, jams, meats, nuts, breads and crackers, etc. $10

Fruit platter $4


Jalapeño pepper poppers (baked, vegetarian) $3

Grilled vegetables on Boursin bruschetta (vegetarian) $3

Deviled eggs 3 ways $3

Spanakopita triangles $3

Bacon falafel bites with hummus in lettuce wraps $3

Arancini- fried risotto and mozzarella balls with marinara sauce $3

Tomato tartlets topped with pimento cheese $3.50

English cucumber cups with shrimp salad $4

Clams casino $5

Sea scallop & crab cake sliders $7

Firecracker shrimp $5

Maryland style crab cake canapés $5

Tempura soft shelled crab with Remoulade sauce $5

Fried crab puffs with capered tartar sauce $3.50

Scallop on a risotto cake $6

Ceviche on a tortilla chip $4

BBQ bacon wrapped shrimp $3.50

Bacon wrapped sea scallops $6

Gravlax (salmon) with mustard sauce on pumpernickel $6

California rolls with wasabi soy sauce $4

Thai chicken skewers with peanut sauce $3.50

Chicken and cheese quesadilla triangles with salsa $3.50

Panko crusted chicken bites with apricot mustard sauce $3

Curried chicken salad filled puffs $3

Duck confit egg rolls $4

Turkey wonton with triple berry sauce $3

Pork dumplings with Sriracha dipping sauce $3

Trio of stuffed mushrooms: blue cheese, horseradish cheese, sausage & cheese $4

Jalapeño poppers stuffed with sausage and cheese (fried) $3

Date and blue cheese stuffed meatballs $4

Baked bacon and cheddar stuffed mini potato $3

Sweet potato biscuits with ham and pimento cheese $3.50

Korean BBQ pork or beef skewers $4.50

Lamb skewers with mint sauce $8

Scotch eggs $4

Cocktail Reuben sandwiches $5.50

Pigs in blankets with ale mustard sauce $3

Spa water & Tea plus assorted soft beverages are avaiable to guests at all times and included in the basic catering package

Our Bar Packages are add on's and are charges your choice, per person or per drink.

Beer and Wine: $35 per person (5 Hours of service)

Beer and Wine is a service provided for a 5-hour reception. First Kiss to Last Call.

Beers Provided are your choice of domestic, 3 NC Craft Brews - Mother Earth Weeping Willow Wit,Red Oak Bavarian Lager, Oska Blues Dale's Pale Ale

Provided Wines are - Sparkling Wine or Moscato (Upon Request), Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, PinotNoir and Cabernet

We will do our best to accommodate special requests, please keep in mind that special requests will be charged on a case by case basis.

NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED. Guests drinking or providing outside alcohol will be considered in breach of contract.

Adding liquor to your package is a steal!

$20 per person (MUST be combined with Beer and Wine Package)

Broken Down by price & hours served this package provides each guest with 5 cocktails foronly $4 per cocktail!

We offer call liquor as our well bar! Absolute, Tanqueray, Bacardi, Jack Daniels

You may purchase favorite brands to be served through our Chef when making your menu. We charge PER BOTTLE for special requests. We charge for every bottle that we order for you.

Under NO circumstances are guests, including hosts, allowed to enter or leave the premises with beer, wine or liquor. All leftover spirits are property of Celebration Cottage.

Signature Cocktails can be arranged through our chef and added to your menu. (Optional)

You can Choose to serve your signature cocktail for 1 hour ($5 per person)or for 5 hours ($15 per person)

Signature cocktails are mixed drinks and are charged at the discretion of our Chef, prices may vary depending on the availability and price of requested spirits.

While you are more than welcome to hire an outside vendor for your wedding cake we hope that you will consider Denise's from scratch confections.

Our wedding cakes are beautiful and delicious!! Made only of the freshest ingredients, from scratch, and never frozen.

We provide a two-tiered cutting cake so your photographer can capture some exciting cake cutting pictures. We will have back-up sheet cakes, of the same flavors, on hand in the kitchen to cut for your guests!

Our cakes can be carrot cake, devil’s food cake, vanilla cake, lemon cake, red velvet cake or even Fun-fetti!

You also get to choose a yummy filling from vanilla cream, lemon curd, fresh strawberries,raspberries, blueberries, or chocolate ganache.

And last but never least, please choose a frosting! Cream cheese buttercream, vanilla, almond or lemon buttercream. A note about our frostings, they are made with butter, no shortening ever!

If you provide us with some of your beautiful wedding flowers and/or a cake topper, we will artfully arrange them on your cake to make it beautiful for your Bridal album.

Wedding or Event Cakes: $4.00 ++

We offer simple unbelievably delicious wedding cakes in a cutting cake style.

Cakes are decorated with simple white homemade frosting and are never frozen and reconstituted.

We do not use boxed or dried ingredients. You can have our chef add your flowers, topper or otherdecorations and of course you choose the flavors.

*** Venue: $4500.00 (12 Hours) No discount for unused time.

Celebration Cottage rental, Daily Use agreement. Cottage will be available for guest’s entry at 11:00 am and all outside amplified music will end by 11:00 pm. All other terms of rental are included in the guest’s contract.

Rental of Celebration Cottage includes use of tables and chairs, banquet tables, rolling bars and all rooms and grounds associated with Celebration Cottage. Cottage rental DOES NOT INCLUDE ceremony chairs.

If you have media that you would like to share, it needs to be delivered to the venue manager, complete with cords and devices 24 hours prior to your ceremony.

Rehearsal times must be requested in advance as Celebration Cottage may hold a separate event on the night before your event. Please have your coordinator schedule your rehearsal with the Venue manager early in the planning process to avoid instances.


Dining Tables and Chairs are provided for up to 100 guests.

Ceremony Chairs are NOT provided.

Please have your coordinator get a floor plan to the venue manager as soon as possible for early setup to take place.

Banquet Linens, such as buffet linens, are provided. Table linens for guest seating are not provided. These will need to be arranged by your coordinator.

Celebration Cottage allows you to use a coordinator of your choice. A separate coordination agreement that needs to be signed 60 days after booking by the person who will oversee your day of your timeline execution, décor, linen order, vendors & removal of personal items.

*** Celebration Cottage catering package includes: Starts at $35 per person ++

*** Our event staff are here to make sure your day goes off without a hitch! It is our goal to provide you and your guest with a superior level of service. In order for us to ensure this, we hire a ratio of one staff member per every 15 guests.

*** Denotes a Required Purchase

Our deck tent is required for weddings over 100 guests unless tents in the garden or grass lot are in use. The Rental fee for the deck tent is $1200.00

The decision to use our tent must be made as soon as possible to allow time for scheduling with Crystal Coast Tent and Event Rentals. We cannot guarantee our tent will be available if you do not request it 30 days prior.

Tent requests must be made in writing via text or email 30 days prior to your event date. High gusting or sustained winds may affect availability of tents.

Sides are provided and can be pulled back for better weather. Tent package includes market lighting. Tent package also includes inspection and permits issued by the Town of Atlantic Beach Fire Department.

Executive Chef Denise Greer, General Manager Amiee Scott & Creative Director Hayley Brown thank you for taking the time to inquire about Celebration Cottage. This special spot was a dream of ours and we hope to make our dream a special spot for you to enjoy on your special day!

Cheers! The Celebration Cottage Team!


Casey Futrell Photography, Common Dove Photography

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