Cyber Bullying By: Ashton Robinson

Allowing an elementary schooler to own a cell phone opens them up to be victims of cyber bullying.

Unlike physical bullying, you do not have to be in the presence of the bully to be cyber bullied.

Cyber bullying often happens on social networks.

Cyber bullying can mess with children mentally, and even push them to harm themselves.

Cyber bullying is hard to get away from.

Cyber bullying is around every corner

  • through texting
  • social media
  • videos

Cyber bullying may not do direct physical harm to its victims, but that does not mean it does not hurt.

In many cases children deal with the psychological damage of cyber bullying for the rest of their lives.

Cyber bullying does not only happen on the internet, it can also happen through texting.

Many parents are not even aware that their child is being cyber bullied.

You do not have to know the person for them to target you for cyber bullying.

Often times cyber bullies are fake profiles.

Elementary school children should not be exposed to cyber bullying at a young age!

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