Who swallowed stanley?

We were intrigued with a book written by Sarah Roberts. It follows the plight of a plastic bag called Stanley, who has a turbulent journey through the oceans. He meets many animals,who mistake him for food. We made links to our mantle, where we witnessed a beach that was closed, because of plastic pollution. At the end of the story, Stanley is rescued and re-used by a boy, who makes him into a kite. We discussed the importance of reusing and recycling, also that there was a difference.

We received a text from a Marine Biologist we are going to visit. She is currently on her way to the Easter Islands to help, support and educate the people there, as there are no turtles nesting there. We wondered if this had something to do with the amount of plastic in the ocean. We reminded ourselves about the 7 continents, and also the 5 main oceans. We used the map to locate the Easter Islands, they are in the Pacific Ocean.

We have also consolidated our work on money in maths. We used the symbols, <> and = to work out different values and amounts. We wondered what money they used in the Easter Islands. Next step: check if we have the correct currency.

We used different equipment to travel around the world. Isabella was keen to travel North and South, Passing through the equator.

We discussed the best way to get to the Easter Isalnds would be to fly. We made passports, packed our bags, checked the temperature, we are pretty much ready to go and support Kate. We have tickets booked for March 3rd.