Balanced Business Strategies T. Billings - Principal Consultant

As a hands-on creative director and brand designer, I specialize in building or maintaining a consistent brand style and message, while always exploring creative options to keep campaigns fresh.

As co-founder and CEO of SENDA HAPPY GRAM I was actively involved in our branding and creative direction (in addition to the day-to-day business) -- working directly with our talented graphic designer on everything from corporate branding, logo design, and delivery package imagery.

Old-fashioned imagery was chosen to capture the nostalgic sensation of receiving a hand-written sentiment in your post box, that is the essense Senda Candy Gram's brand identity. With two marketing professionals at the helm of the company, and working with FITDesign agency - this brand's identity and voice was consistent through all digital channels and packaging.

Email blasts and web slider graphics were a big component of marketing campaigns - they were updated regularly to address frequently asked questions, promote specials, and for general marketing - these assets were put on double duty and used for social media posts.

Notice what we did there?

After our initial launch, we ran into a trademark hurdle. After analyzing our options and resources - we quickly re-grouped and changed the name of the company to Senda Happy Gram, launched our improved brand and carried on, happier than ever.

I have been fortunate to consult with a number of different business clients, including charter boats, boatyard & marina, healthcare, e-commerce, and legal firms. A few of my specialties & favorite projects include:

Total transformation of office infrastructure - truly a painful, but ever-rewarding process. I specialize in auditing office software and hardware systems to determine where inefficiencies lie and implement new and efficient technologies wherever appropriate.

Recognize a true character - while many people may notice when they meet an interesting, insightful, and entertaining kind of character - few are able to capture a someone's essense and develop a personal brand in a meaningful, and productive way. I wanted to create an opportunity for CF Koehler, second generation owner of Koehler Kraft Boatyard to be embraced as a subject matter expert in yacht craftsmanship, maintenance, and Captaining. All the while embracing his rather salty demeanor - which is 1. necessary for his participation, 2. what makes his original content so engaging, and 3. unique and great for his personal and boatyard brand. I signed on to become his editor and we've been producing Dear Krabby for a couple years - it's kind of like Car Talk, and kind of like Dear Abby - but saltier, and the requests for more keep coming in.

Produce Training Materials & Videos - a chronic issue plaguing this second-generation-family-owned boatyard was a need for modern training resources to teach new staff how to use unique, but aged, industrial boatyard systems. Without a budget to solve this problem, I created a simple series of casual walk-through videos made to be accessible via smart phone by employees anytime. Now, you can Google how to "unjam a ways cradle" and actually find an answer. It's the the first in a series of casual training videos produced with a budget of zero.

At BIOTONE I was at the helm of several programs, including Continuing Education, Tradeshows, Spa Open House, and a newly-created Scholarship program. I worked with our small in-house team as well as our agency on every aspect of these programs - in particular the logistics, creative, marketing, and pr.

Over 3500 new and highly qualified leads were generated with the development of an affiliate marketing program partnering with industry influencers in developing scholarship programs that received an overwhelming response.

Event sales went through the roof (over 500% increase) with the development of new treatment protocols designed to keep spa menus seasonal and fresh. I streamlined our our B2B clients purchasing process creating menu recipe cards and pre-filled product bulk purchase list, to ease the ordering process. Providing digital marketing assets and upsell strategies to distributors and spa owners attending Open House events proved to be a key value-added benefit of making a purchase. Buy-now discounts, and guaranteed same day fulfillment promised business owners could turnaround and implement these fresh sales strategies into their program with ease the very next day.

As the graphic designer and marketing coordinator at SKIN AUTHORITY, I worked directly with senior management in this flexible, start-up environment. Some of my favorite projects included complete redesign of retail packaging and merchandising displays; newsletter content development & graphic design, as well as negotiating strategic partnerships and developing affiliate and member driven programs.

A few of my projects from Northwest Hospital & Medical Center in Seattle, Washington; included annual fundraising galas, local advertising placement, patient collateral, and internal communications.

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