Northern Renaissance By Jackson marconi

The Northern Renaissance really started when the war and plague ended. It gave a chance for life to settle down for people to make money and for people to live longer lives. It gave people something to be happy about.

During the Renaissance in Northern Italy the population began to grow and people began to earn enough money to sponsor artist.

This started in Flanders as they were rich from trade and gradually the wealth spread to other places and Northern Europe.

Albrecht Durer

Durer traveled to Italy to study

He produced woodcuts and engravings

His great work helped spread the idea of the Renaissance through Northern Europe.

Hans Holbein

Hans specialized in painting portraits. They look like pictures.

He went to England where he painted pictures of King Henry VIII

Jan Van Eyk

He used oil based paint, which was fairly new at the time.

He developed new techniques which painters still use today.


Bruegel was very interested in realistic detail.

He would capture pictures of everyday peasant life.


His most famous book The Praise of Folly, made fun of people such as merchants, and farmers.

He believed in Christianity of the Heart. He didn't care about rituals or ceremonies.

A quote from Erasmus "Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself."


More wanted a better society as a whole.

He wrote a book Utopia, which is where we get our definition. In the book it is a place without war, greed, etc.

A quote from More "I die the king's faithful servant, but God's first."

Christine de Pizan

Pizan was one of the first female writers to earn a living.

She was one of the first Europeans to question the different treatment of boys and girls.

Her idea of equality in schooling would not be achieved for several centuries after her death.

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