Midterm Portfolio Bryce mcfadden

This photo is from our "floating into the weekend" assignment. The goal was to take a creative floating photo. I decided to use Kelsey and Carson and reenact a star wars scene. I had Carson standing on a table outside. I think its a strong piece because the shadows really help the illusion he is floating. If I could change one thing I would've had Carson stand on his toes because he looks a little awkward.
I like the original of this photo a lot it really captures jakes personality and the broken window makes it super interesting to look at. I also managed to create a frame inside the frame. The design at the top is really interesting however It could fit the window a lot better. Over all the photo creates a sense of balance and calm.
This was on the most difficult projects because I had to do a lot of work on Photoshop. It was really hard to get the horse to fit right because I had Carson on Sean's shoulders so his legs weren't far enough apart. I had to use a lot of tricks that we learned through the whole class. But overall the 3D looks really good and the horse looks a lot better than I thought it would. I also think the font fits really well and looks great. Definitely my favorite work Photoshop wise.

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