Sipsey Valley High School Library Where Students Learn, Grow, and Achieve

The Sipsey Valley Library has over 14,000 resources for students and faculty.

We have 10 computers for student use.

You must know your username and login to access the computers

The library can be used for meetings, to study, to read, and to work on school work.

Be mindful and respectful of others using the library. There may be classes, testing, special guests, or other events in the library.

You must bring a pass with you.

10 computers for student use

  • Printing Services
  • $ 0.10 per black and white copy
  • $0.25 per black and white photo copy
  • $0.50 per color copy

School Store

  • Pencils - $.50
  • Paper - $1.00
  • Folders - $0.50
  • Composition Notebooks - $1.00
  • Index Cards - $0.50 per stack
  • Pens - $.25
  • Poster Board - $.50

Coffee Bar

Coffee - $2.00/cup

Snacks - $1.00/snack

You have access to Office 365

Email - username@tcss.net

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and tons more

You can download the entire Office Suite on 5 home computers!

Click the button below. Log into Office 365. Check your email. Open word online.

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