The Three Agricultural Revolutions By Isaac Maki

The First Agricultural Revolution

The first agricultural revolution was from hunting and gathering to domestication of plants and animals. It occurred about 11000 years ago when people were still hunting and gathering. Humans were hunting and gathering before the First agricultural revolution and when it was happening the people were seeing that you could domesticate plant and animals to provide more food and they could support other people too. The revolution changed the way people lived because it made cities possible, and it started a economy, you could control how much food you had, and you could support a community. We still see some of the first agricultural revolution today

These are the 5 agricultural hearths
This is a picture of what crops were grown in the hearths.

The Second Agricultural Revolution

The second Agricultural revolution was the mechanisation of farming to make it faster and more efficient. It mostly went went on during the industrial revolution so it occurred from 1700-1900 in most developed countries. The changes to farming during it were the changes to how they planted the seeds and farmed by planting in rows and using crop rotation and four-course system. There were also changes in the equipment that they used like the plow, horse collar, seed drill and other new equipment were used on the farm and the fertilizers and other chemicals were starting to be introduced . This revolution changed the way people farm because we still see some of the equipment but it has been made better and to work faster.

These are the are the advancements of the seed drill. In the second picture they are using the horse collar.
This is the revolution of the plow

The Third Agricultural

The Third Agricultural revolution occurred mainly through 1970 and 1980 and is still going on today. The revolution was using biotechnology and technological innovations and more improvements on the machines to produce more food faster and easier. They started using chemicals to kill weeds and keep off bug the scientist also started genetically modifying the plants and animals to make them bigger and better to make more profit. The revolution reduced the amount of laborers on the farm and it made the farms rely on petroleum more than before . The green revolution is also part of the revolution because they are using the things that were being used to in the third revolution to help end world hunger.

The new technologies and other things in the third agricultural revolution the things in the pictures possible
  • GMO´s (Genetically modified organisms) is the result of the gene from one organism is taken out and it is put into another organism's gene by laboratories to make a bigger and better plant or animal
  • GMO´s have changed the way people farm because they can produce their crops faster than before, they can have plants and animals grow bigger and better, and they can have more crops.
  • Pros of gmos, your crop yield is greater, can grow them faster, they are resistant to insects, they can survive in drought, heat and cold, it increase their shelf life, eliminates seeds, and some of them have higher nutrients in them.
  • Cons of gmos, test have shown that children under 18 years of age have had a increase in allergies; from 3.4 percent between 1997 and 1999 to 5.1 percent between 2009 and 2011. They could also cause other diseases and cancers.




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