Monarchies A 200 word challenge

Watch the video then use the question prompts to write a 200 word response using Adobe Spark Page. Aim for about 50 words per section.

Are monarchies relevant in today's society?

Is a monarchy a force for good?

Is it fair for a royal family to receive money from a country’s taxes?

Do you believe your country should have a monarchy or not? And why?

Once you've written your 200 words in Adobe Spark Page, share your page using the SHARE button at the top and paste your link here. Extra credit will be given to students using images alongside their writing to bring their words alive!


Created with images by Mark de Jong - "untitled image" • Jonathan Francisca - "untitled image" • Christian Dubovan - "untitled image" • King's Church International - "Crowds converging on Windsor to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle."