Johnson County Comprehensive Plan Update 2018

Friendly, Favorable Future


Welcome to the home of the Johnson County Comprehensive Plan Update. The County and the Cities of Wrightsville and Kite are currently undergoing strategic planning meetings to guide the future growth and development for the community. Issues discussed include economic development, community facilities, natural and cultural resources, housing, intergovernmental coordination, and other important concerns. In a series of meetings, to be held February-August, local government leadership will be seeking citizen input and participation concerning these topics. This page will provide periodic updates and working documents from the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee.

Why is the comprehensive plan important?

Effective planning ensures that future development will occur where, when, and how the community and local government wants. There are several important benefits to the entire community that result from the planning process:

  • Quality of life is maintained and improved.
  • There is a vision, clearly stated and shared by all, that describes the future of the community.
  • Private property rights are protected.
  • Economic development is encouraged and supported.
  • There is more certainty about where development will occur, what it will be like, when it will happen, and how the costs of development will be met.

To encourage local governments' engagement in comprehensive planning, Georgia incentivizes it by allowing cities and counties with DCA-approved comprehensive plans access to a special package of financial resources to aid in implementing their plans. This includes Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), water and sewer loans from the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority (GEFA), economic development funding from the OneGeorgia Authority, and a variety of other programs from DCA and partner agencies (a detailed list is available in the "Fact Sheets" section, below). Eligibility for this package of incentives is called Qualified Local Government (QLG) status.


Johnson County 2018 Comprehensive Plan Timetable

  • Thursday, 2.15.2018, 10:30 AM - Initial Meeting/Strengths/Weaknesses (SWOT)
  • Tuesday, 3.20.2018, 5:30 PM - Initial Public Hearing
  • Tuesday, 4.3.2018, 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Community Input Drop-In
  • Thursday, 3.22.2018, 10:30 AM - Community Vision/Issues and Opportunities
  • Thursday, 4.19.2018, 10:30 AM - Issues and Opportunities/Goals/Policies
  • Thursday, 5.17.2018, 10:30 AM - Goals/Policies/Economic Development/Land Use
  • July, TBD - Draft Plan
  • July, TBD - Final Public Hearing
  • August, 2018 - Local Government Submittal

Our Vision

Johnson County is a safe, spacious place full of spirit and pride. In the future, we aim to stay true to our values while providing economic opportunities and growth. We will promote that which has been given to us, our natural and cultural resources, and create a welcoming, walkable, lively community.

What would you like to see?

What is your vision for Johnson County? Help define it by taking the survey below!


331 West Parker Street - Baxley, GA 31513

912. 367. 3648


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Carrie Vanderver


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