Texas by: Joseph

The state nickname is, The lone star state.

State capitol is Austin.

This is a place in Austin

Texas became a state in 1845

The state's bird is a Mocking bird.

The state flower is the blue bonnet.

The state insect is the Monarch butterfly.

key fact #1, The nation Aeronautics and space Administration's are located in Houston.

key fact#2, Texas refineries churn out more than 4.7 million barrels of oil each day.


Created with images by Rennett Stowe - "USS Texas" • Francisco Antunes - "Star" • dennis - "austin capitol building" • Garden State Hiker - "The Bird is the Word - 37" • davecito - "Houston TX 1950" • Beverly & Pack - "Fractalius Filter Version, Patriotic Waving Tattered Shredding American Flag, Old Glory, The Red White and Blue, Stars & Stripes, That Ragged Old Flag" • Tim Pearce, Los Gatos - "20880012" • sandyhd - "Texas blue bonnets" • Zanastardust - "Monarch Butterfly" • bob in swamp - "Honey Bee & Gray Nickerbean"

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