The Process of Metamorphosis by: Amy j.

Hello students! Today we will be learning about the process of Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is an amazing process. Today we will be focusing on the complete stage of Metamorphosis that a butterfly goes through. There are four different stages of the butterfly life cycle we will be learning about. Get ready to be butterfly experts!:)

The First Stage: Egg

The first stage of Metamorphosis is an egg. An egg is laid by a female butterfly on a plant, just like the picture in the background! These eggs are very tiny and the female butterfly lays multiple eggs to increase the chances of survival. Not all of the eggs will survive due to predators and weather. Look how many eggs are on the leaf in this photo! Did you know butterfly eggs only take 3-5 days to hatch?!

Check out these butterfly eggs!

Metamorphosis: is a process some animals go through to become adults!

Let's learn more about the life cycle of a butterfly!

Stage 2: Caterpillar

After the egg hatches it becomes a larvae, or caterpillar. These caterpillars are very tiny but they begin to grow very quickly. First, the caterpillar eats the egg shell that it hatched out of. Then the caterpillar begins to feed on leaves. Caterpillars are very hungry! They need to eat a lot to grow big and strong. During this stage a caterpillar can grow up to 100x the size it was when it was born. Isn't that crazy?!

Let's listen to a story about a very hungry caterpillar!

Stage 3: Pupa/Chrysalis

After the caterpillar finishes eating it is called a pupa! This is a really cool stage. The caterpillar will suspend itself from a branch and form a hard protective layer around them. It may look like the caterpillar is just resting but inside an amazing transformation is taking place. This stage will take about 10-14 days!

Watch closely in the video as the caterpillar transforms!

Let's Review! What's the first stage of metamorphosis called?

Stage 4: Adult

After the caterpillar has finished transforming inside the chrysalis it breaks free and is a beautiful butterfly! Now the adult butterfly's job is to lay eggs and the cycle will start all over. An adult butterfly lives about one year. Let's learn more about butterflies in the video below.

Let's learn how amazing the monarch butterfly is!

Fun games and learning tools to explore!

The metamorphosis game!

National Geographic kids


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