LINEAR EZPRESSIONS POEM Created by Danny hernandez, MAYRA VAZQUEZ, holden nickerson

Let me say a declaration,

of something called an linear equation,

When it's graphed, it forms a line,

And it has the certain intercepts of X and Y... With the standard form of Ax+By=C,

When it's graphed, you'll be surprised.

The constant in our problem is C,

And it's final if zero isn't A or B. Ax and By are usually our variable terms,

And if you keep that in mind, you won't get behind,

This particular equation is used for many situations, In which we use in comparison,

To other math situations,

So I have just discovered, that being math-matic,

Can be pretty darn fantastic, So I Hope we made an impression, me and my friend, Mr. Linear Equation !!!


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