Harn Museum of Art Good Life Tour

Photo: 3dman_eu. Museum Contemporary Art. 2006. Pixabay. https://pixabay.com/en/museum-contemporary-art-munich-1029321/. Accessed 26 February 2017.

The Royal Ancestor Mask from the Democratic Republic of Congo was made very intricately. There were many different materials used to sculpt this art and it was neat to see it in person. If I saw a picture of this mask on the internet, I don't believe that I would've had the same experience as in person because it is hard to see the true detail of the art piece. What was so fascinating to me about this is the time and care it must have required for the artist to complete it. I imagined myself trying to create something similar and I don't think I would have the skills or patience to do so.
Zandvoort is an abstract sculpture by Frank Stella which alludes to racing in the Netherlands. This piece was placed uniquely in the center of a circular room with much space around it. I think the architects did this to enable visitors to admire the art from a wide range of angles. This abstract piece should be seen three dimensionally to fully appreciate its depth and intricacy. The lighting also adds an impressive shadowy backdrop to the sculpture that makes you further question the difficulty in creating it.
Southern Teamster is an oil painting inspired by the idea of "The New Negro". Palmer Hayden, the artist of the art piece, was an important figure in the Harlem Renaissance which was a critical time for African American culture. This painting resonates with me because I feel a sense of solace for African Americans who were mistreated in the ugliest time period of our country. The Harlem Renaissance helped develop their cultural identity and provided a much needed sense of self for those who were feeling lost, and this artwork made me think about the thought and inspiration that possessed the artist to create a painting like this.
Sheep Wranglers is a photograph that depicts schoolgirls free and uninhibited by stereotypes and the opposite sex. I think this artwork conveys the "sharing the good life" theme because the girls are socializing and enjoying themselves which aids in finding their identity. In past examples such as Siddhartha, one must be true with their self-identity and involve their peers to guide them to the good life, and factors such as stereotypes and negative relationships can hinder such a goal. This art piece helps me understand that putting myself in peaceful and free-spirited environments with my peers will help me along my path to the good life.


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