To Kill a Mocking Bird POV Project by liam GAllagher

Jem goes back to the Radley house to retrieve his pants.

Perspective: Jem

It was terrifying. Hearing that thunderous crack while Scout, Dill and I were running out of Mr. Radley’s yard. I was so scared that i didn't care that my pants had been torn from my legs in my escape. Once I had the realization that i would have to back and retrieve my pants, I felt sick to my stomach. Every turn to the Radley’s speaky gate made my heart beat faster. Once i reached the spit soaked gate my heart calmed. My pants had been folded up on the gate as if waiting for my return. My feeling of relief was quickly replaced with one of dread. Had Mr. Radley known it was us and fired anyway, why did he fold my pants like he knew i was coming back for them. Once i was home i finally caught a deep breath and felt safe again. I hope i didn't worry Scout to much

When Scout and Jem are watching the trial.

Perspective Scout

I'm surprised they let us stay considering Jem and I are so young. I knew a black man had been accused of something but i didn’t know what of. This Mayella girl says that Tom Robinson raped her, but she is saying it weird. She is saying it like someone told her what to say and she is trying to remember what they told her. Atticus makes a good point that Mayella has bruises that could not have gotten there because of Tom's shriveled, broken right hand. I that Mayella is not telling the whole truth. When Mayella’s father, Bob Ewell is called up to the stand he seemed surprised like he had not expected to be called up. Atticus makes the point that Bob could have raped and beaten Mayella, and that she tried to kiss Tom all on her own. Now if only Atticus would explain to me what rape is i would be able to understand the severity of this trial. I wonder what Jem thinks of all this.

Tom Robinson gets shot

Perspective: Atticus

Dammit dammit dammit, Tom should not have run. It may have seemed like his only option but now he just furthered the numerous stereotypes aimed at the African american culture. I tried my hardest to win a losing battle so i would be able to look in my children's eyes knowing that i tried to save Tom Robinson's life. I wish he would have died a martyr because now he is the butt end of racist jokes, and an example of the stereotypical “nigger”. Now i have to explain to my children that i failed to save Tom Robinson’s life, but it is still important to try to do the right thing. If my kids grow up with those values, then at least i would have done that right. I only wish i would have been able to save Tom and not have to use him as a lesson to my children.

Bob Ewell attacks the Finches

Perspective: Boo Radley

I was watching the kids on halloween. It may have been creepy, but it makes me happy to see all the children laughing and playing without a care in the world. So when i saw the finch children walking through the cornfield i decided to follow them, on account we’ve become, in a word “friends”. I noticed something off while i was watching them. It was almost like someone else was watching them. When i saw Bob Ewell grab Jem, i knew what i had to do. I heard the snap of what i only assume was Jem’s arm. He got to Scout before i could get there but he did not have her long. I stabbed Bob right under his ribs before he could do anymore harm. I did not know what else to do. I did not think i had it in me but i guess it was for the Finches.


I believe that Mr. Cooke wanted to challenge his students to take atticus’ quote to heart “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view – until you climb into his skin and walk around in it” (Lee 39), and try to get in the minds of the characters from “To Kill a MockingBird”. I learned that it is a refreshing new way to look at all the ins and outs of To Kill a Mockingbird. I think this gives an added depth and realism to the characters now that we were forced to see from their point of view. Also there is an added personal connection because each student had bits and pieces of them in each moment from the story. That makes this story hit each and every student on a personal and deep level, which makes for a very memorable book.


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