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Now, much more important news...

Hearty congratulations to Amelia and Sam Gibbons who have (finally..) welcomed Arthur George into the world on Sunday 10th January, weighing in at a very bonny 8lb 4oz. As you can see, young Arthur is doing very well with Amelia saying that he is a very happy and healthy young man, what more could you possibly wish for?

Arthur George Gibbons


Latest Information

I am once again grateful for the positive feedback we have received from across the school for both our communication leading up to the start of term and for the most complimentary comments regarding our provision so far.

I am aware that whilst many of our children are now well experienced in their use of Showbie and Zoom there may well be times when things do not necessarily work as you want them to. Therefore, please use Showbie as your route to resolving or clarifying any queries. By the far the biggest feedback we received back in April/May was the 'explosion' on WhatsApp when there was a technical issue or confusion. We want to avoid this happening as this negatively impacts on your own working day. Both I and my colleagues are able to respond quickly to any queries.

Perseverance, Resilience and Kipling Award

I do so hope that you enjoyed the assembly on Thursday. The technology worked for us and we were able to defy the wet conditions to deliver the awards to the first recipients. I may have uttered the phrase ‘by the power of grey skull’ we managed it.

As can be the case with zoom (as well as other such services) your eyes can be drawn to the correct screen and to also pick up the most wonderful and heartwarming of responses. The look of disbelief on Georgia’s face will live long in memory as she somehow ‘appeared’ on my zoom screen just at the right time.

You can relive the assembly through the following link -

Password - ParkHill1949@

Perseverance -

steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Resilience -

the ability of a person to adjust to or recover readily from illness, adversity, major life changes

Kipling Award -

My thanks once again go to Lee Walsh and Nichola Kane who both kindly agreed to present the awards, chosen as being shining examples of resilience and perseverance themselves in their hugely valued roles at Kingston Hospital.

Illness & Medical

We continue to abide with the DfE Regulations.

We ensure that anyone developing those symptoms during the school day is sent home.

These are essential actions to reduce the risk in schools and further drive down transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19).

We would like to remind you that if your child is absent from school due to sickness (vomiting, diarrhoea) they must be clear for at least 48 hours prior to returning to school. You must inform the school office directly on 020 8546 5496 if your child will be absent that day.

Health, Safety and Medicines at School

Please note the following important points regarding the administration of medicines at school.

Further to recent recommendations and legislation we are no longer allowed to dispense any medicines to the children, with the exception of school provided Calpol, Waspeze and sun lotion and then only when you have signed the medical form agreeing to this procedure.

If your child is taking prescribed antibiotics or other drugs you are advised to adjust the timing to avoid school hours. You may wish to discuss this with your doctor at the time of prescription.

• Asthma: Children who take medication for asthma must have two named inhalers at school. One to be kept in the first aid kit in the classroom the other in the School Office. Please label clearly with your child’s name and hand personally to Miss Gambi.

• Epipens: Please provide two epipens for use in school when necessary; labelled clearly with your child’s name.

• Cough sweets (or any other sweets) are NOT allowed in school as they pose a potential choking hazard.

• Children with a temperature or diarrhoea and/or vomiting within the last day must be kept at home until clear of all symptoms for a minimum of 48 hours.

• Head lice - please remember to check your child's hair regularly.

• Contagious diseases: Please inform the school office immediately if your child has been diagnosed with any contagious disease eg: chicken pox, measles etc

• It is imperative that you inform the school, in writing (a quick note will suffice), of any medication your child has received, since midnight, before coming to school.

Thank you for your co-operation. We know you will appreciate that these procedures are for the benefit and safety of all your children.


The full uniform list can be found here.

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Second Steps

It has been a short week but business as usual in Second Steps.

The children ran into school ready and raring to learn.

We had a fun and creative woodland school lesson.

The children listened to the ‘Not a Stick” story written by Antoinette Portis and enjoyed hunting for sticks and deciding what our ‘not a stick’ was. We had magic wands to turn everyone into toads, spoons for stirring cups of tea, pens so we can write our names, swords to scare the dragons away and fishing rods to catch fish for our dinner.

We have been looking at letter sounds in our own name, talking about the shapes we can see in different letters ie the letter O look the same as a circle the letter W is made with lots of straight lines. Some of the children wanted to show us how they can write their names.

We had a good sports lesson with Premier sports. Working in pairs to roll a ball short and long distances and had fun with running games.

We would also like to welcome Anaiya and Gael to Second Steps. They are settling in well and already starting to make friends.

First Steps

Happy New Year!

First Steps welcome new year very well. We have played lots fun games to keep children’s sprit up while they were learning. We also welcomed Bento and Alba to our class and they have settled very well.

This week we have been learning about “The Gingerbread Man” story. The children used story props to act out the story and developed their language.

Filling and emptying containers with cous cous was one of the favourite activity and children enjoyed experiencing different textures and the sound it makes when it falls.

In Science session, the children used their senses while touching, smelling and tasting different foods and spices. Feta cheese and watermelon were children’s favourite foods and olives and lemon were the least favourite ones. Well done all children for being so inquisitive and asking many questions while testing new foods.

Mrs Guniz Mrs Mousi

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