Enterprise Rent-a-Car Michael Smith

Company History

Jack Taylor

- 1957, Jack Taylor returns home from war and founds Executive Leasing Company, which was renamed "Enterprise Rent-a-Car" in 1969.

-Enterprise Rent-a-Car was founded with a fleet of just 7 vehicles.

-In 2007, after acquiring Vanguard Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-a-Car became the largest automobile rental operation in The United States.

Why Enterprise?

  • Organizational Culture
  • Financial Strength
  • Community Involvement

Promotion From Within

Enterprise Rent-a-Car does a fantastic job of providing employee's with opportunities for advancement in company rank's.

Enterprise Management Training Program allows for employees to advance their careers quickly. Even the current CEO started in the Management Training Program.

In 2015, nearly 15,000 employee's were promoted!

Enterprise Rent-a-Car recognized as the top employer of interns and college graduates in 2015 and 2016.

Financial Strength

-Enterprise Rent-a-Car is the only investment-grade car rental operation in North America

-North America's 15th largest private company

-Today, Enterprise is the largest car rental service measured by employees, revenue, and fleet.

Commitment to Community

-49% of North American fleet averages 32 mpg or more

-Partnered with The Arbor Association to plant 1 million trees a year for 50 years

-Millions donated to fight hunger in America


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