Art Exam By: Lorena Rodriguez

Hi, my name is Lorena Rodriguez and this is my first year in highschol doing beginners art. When I'm older I really would like to become a psychologist or go to the army. This class has together me how to become a better drawer. This art class has definitely taught me the elements of art and all the time and focus it takes into drawing these pieces.

As you can see on the left was one of my first drawings and on the right was the new and improved hand drawing.
On the left is my before and after drawing of myself and on the right is a profile of a classmate.

On my self portrait I don't think I did as well as I thought I would have and I also think it does not look like me. I did not have enough value which is the lightness and darkness of the image. I also did not really look at my image of myself so I was just free drawing it. So next time I will change a lot about the way I drew myself. On the right is a profile of a classmate and I think I did pretty good on it. I mean for never have drawing someone with a lot of detail before. I had to blend in his hair to make a fade so that it looked more like him. Overall I think I did better at drawings others than myself.

Here is my negative/positive drawing and it is a bird

On my negative/positive drawing I thought I did alright but If i had picked a different drawing it might have been a little easier to do I had different values in there and space which is the white and lightness of the image. The shape of the bird is different on both sides so that you can show the different negative spaces.

Stippling drawing

The stippling drawing was fun for me because I just had to do dots and that is what stippling means. I did something that I love which are shoes specially Nike shoes. For this piece we had to make to have a form or 2 dimensional so that it looked real and like its standing up.

Still life drawing

This is my still life drawing and for this specific piece we had to sit in any spot in the room and draw what we saw in front of us. As you can see my drawing had a bowling pin in it and it also had shadows in it. The shapes were all different they were big and small. We had to change the color of the picture to black and white so it is easier to see the different values and textures in it.

Scratchboard drawing

This is my scratchboard drawing of a dog and for this drawing we had to draw different size lines to make it into an animal. The board was one that you could draw on with an exacto knife. The cross hatching we do are the patterns so that it can go quicker and look better. The more lines the whiter it gets and the less is then the black still stays in there. The texture all changed once you did more and more with the lines. I would have to say that this would have been one of my favorites to do in art.

2-point perspective on the left is a room and on the right is a door.

This is my 2-point perspective of a door for this drawing we had to find the vanishing point in it. On my drawing the vanishing point is not in the drawing but out of it so you can't see it. The horizontal line is right down the middle of the wall and the vertical lines are the ones where they all connect at. The 2-point perspective of the room was one of my first drawings and I see that I have improved on drawing what is see in a room/door.

This is my upside down drawings

For the upside drawing we had to draw a horse and the purpose of it was to focus on what you see and not what you think. We had to do the same for the man but we had to put more detail into it.

Ribbon drawing

For the ribbbon drawing we had use white paper strips and then had to shape out a word that's means something for us. I chose the word hope because I have a lot of hope for things. We had to draw the shadow that was there when put under a light.

Blind contour of hand wrinkles

For the blind contour we had to not look at what we were drawing but look at our hand. We couldn't put too much detail into them but just draw what we saw without looking at the picture.

In my experience of beginning art I found the challenge of drawing details with value and texture put into the drawings. I really enjoyed this class because it not only taught how to become a better drawer but how hard it is for some.

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