Alcoota Jess Ashworth


Alcoota Station is located 200km north-east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Fossils found:

The animals include the gigantic thunder bird Dromornis stirtoni, the wolf-sized Powerful Thylacine (Thylacinus potens) and the large leopard-sized Alcoota Marsupial Lion (Wakaleo alcootense). There are also wombat-like diprotodontoids Kolopsis torus and Plaisiodon centralis, the trunked Palorchestes painei, as well as kangaroos, crocodiles, bandicoots, possums and small birds.

Dromornis stirtoni- eocene time period
Thylacinus potens-
Wakaleo alcootense
diprotodontoids Kolopsis torus

Geological time scale

Significance of Alcoota

The site is significant because of its well-preserved, rare, Miocene vertebrate fossils, which provide evidence of the evolution of the Northern Territory’s fauna and climate. The Alcoota Fossil Beds are also significant as a research and teaching sites for palaeontology students.

Fossils found at Alcoota

A fossilised claw from an unknown species (2012)
A flightless bird fossil found in 2012


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