My Experience at Dim Sum By Aidan Resnick

The experience at the Jing Fong restaurant was very fascinating. First of all, it was very crowded in China Town because it was Chinese New Year. It also took us quite a long time to get in the restaurant, probably because there was so much food to prepare. When I got into the room, the first thing that I realized was the size of the room. It was colossal. There had to be over 300 people in the room.

I sat down at a table with about 7 of my friends. The first thing that we got was tea. My friend Billy was the youngest at the table, so he had to serve all of us tea. He did it in order from oldest to youngest. Several minutes later, the waiter brought over the cart, with a massive amount of food on it. As you can probably imagine, our table of 8 hungry boys ordered a lot of food. We ordered fried rice, several different kinds of dumplings, these white, cubed jello-type things, carrots, and many more foods. Even though it was for breakfast, it was a delicious meal.

I would certainly recommend this experience for anybody. It gives you a great lesson on Chinese culture and their customs. It is also cool because there is the food which is the Manifest Tao, and for us, the culture behind it is the Unmanifest Tao because we cannot really tell what the meaning behind it is. Also, eating the food is kind of a passive action because you aren’t doing much but you are really discovering the culture in China. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for me. I learned new things while eating great food. I would love to do it again!

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