We know you may have had a really tough time over the last few months while school was closed. Now we are beginning to get back to what we are used to. We have to remember though that we are not quite fully back to normal, and we all have a responsibility to do what we can to keep ourselves and others safe.

This information is designed to explain to you what we (pupils and staff) are going to do to get school back to “normal” as soon as possible.

Back to basics - working to keep everyone safe and well

How are you feeling? Fit and Well?

If you have the following symptoms:

  • A high temperature or fever;
  • A persistent or continuous cough;
  • A loss or change in sense of taste or smell;

Please do not come to school

You will be asked to complete a screening form each day which allows us to track and trace contacts if anyone becomes unwell.

To stop germs spreading

Please remember to cover your mouth and nose if you sneeze (use your elbow or a tissue to prevent any germs spreading).

Dispose of tissues properly.

Catch it, bin it. kill it.

Clean your hands ideally in soap and water for at least 20 seconds at regular intervals, when coming into school, at break and lunchtime, after using the toilet, if you sneeze and before leaving the building. Washing hands is better than sanitising them. Sanitising works well too though.

Hand sanitiser stations will be in each classroom and around school; you won’t need to bring your own

Keep your distance

Where possible you must stay at least 2 metres distance from any other person.

Everyone has the right to feel safe

You will be in your classroom with other people. Please face the front at all times.

Don't share equipment

  • All toilets will be open. The external door onto the corridor will be kept open (except in C block, of course!!)
  • Please use your allocated toilet area
  • Wash your hands BEFORE AND AFTER using the toilet
  • Maintain social distancing
  • No more than 2 people in a toilet area at one time
  • Be as quick as you can, other pupils will be waiting!
  • We need to do this to make sure everyone can use the toilet and maintain a safe distance.
  • The toilets will be cleaned regularly

Uniform for All. No Exceptions

  • A plain white school shirt, your school tie and jumper
  • Black full length plain trousers OR plain black knee length skirt.
  • Plain, low heeled black leather type shoes without logos.
  • Plain appropriate topcoat. (You will need to go out at break and lunchtime, even if it’s raining! – Fresh air is good for you)
  • Tights (opaque or sheer) should be a neutral colour or black.
  • Socks should be black or white with skirts, black with trousers
  • Hair should be neat, tidy and an even natural colour. No extreme hairstyle or coloured hair is permitted.
  • Religious head wear, if worn, should be plain black.
  • The only jewellery to be worn is a watch and one pair of stud earrings (one in each earlobe only). No other piercings are permitted
  • Make up if worn should be minimal and natural looking. False nails, nail varnish and false eyelashes are not permitted

You will also need

  • Your pencil case and all equipment, pens, pencils, rulers, calculator, glue stick, coloured pencils, scissors – you cannot share equipment.
  • Your water bottle – no fizzy drinks please!
  • Food will not be on sale at break
  • Bring your own snack.
  • Hot food will be available in the Restaurant,Hall and New Gym but we would advise you to bring a packed lunch
Please remember to get changed out of your school uniform when you get home. Try to wash it as frequently as possible to keep viruses at bay.
Our expectations
  • Wear your full uniform, no piercings, no coloured hair
  • Have your own equipment
  • Complete a screening sheet to confirm you are well
  • Sanitise or wash your hands when:
  • You enter and leave the classroom
  • Before and after eating
  • If you sneeze
  • After using the toilet
  • If you sneeze, use a tissue (Catch it, Bin It. Kill it) or your elbow
  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Keep left on corridors and stairs
  • Keep your mobile phone switched off and in your bag
  • Best behaviour please

More about behaviour – remember this is to keep you safe

You need to

  • Arrive in school at the time and by the gate allocated
  • Wash/sanitise your hands often
  • Follow the Catch it, Bin it, Kill it guidance, or use your elbow
  • Follow social distancing rules
  • Keep left on corridors
  • Stay in your designated classroom during lesson time and designated areas during break and lunch
  • Do not share equipment
  • There will be sanctions for pupils who do not follow these instructions

Things you need to know at a glance

3rd - 4th September

7th - 11th September

14th September onward

Things to know at a glance

Form Rooms

We will help you grow on your learning journey by:

Whatever happens, don’t worry

  • If you’re late - go to referral; they will tell you which room you should go to
  • If you feel unsure or overwhelmed - tell your teachers
  • If you feel unwell – tell your teacher. They may send you to the medical area
  • If you are struggling with your work – talk to your teachers
  • If you don’t know what to do next ask your teacher

Please remember

  • There will be no after school activities
  • Make your way home as quickly as possible
  • Remember to social distance at all times (unless you are going home with members of your family)
  • Do not congregate in groups .

Looking forward to seeing you in school!