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This page contains a collection of all the Analytics Rockstar content shared at Adobe events over the years, so you can learn from all of your rockstar peers!


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David Geist, Truist

  • Tip 1: How to build an Analysis Workspace sales funnel in 5 minutes
  • Tip 2: Include internal marketing channels for more complete attribution
  • Watch the tips presentation here

Jennifer Dungan, Torstar

  • Tip 1: Data documentation
  • Tip 2: Date annotations in Workspace
  • Watch the tips presentation here

Scott Meads, Origin

  • Tip 1: It's classified: Offline data in an Online world
  • Tip 2: Product string: More than just products
  • Watch the tips presentation here

Selin Can, Commonwealth Bank

  • Tip 1: Calculation of 6 weeks average sales for rolling sales week
  • Tip 2: Automatically calculate number of days that a campaign is live
  • Watch the tips presentation here


To see all the US Rockstars in action, watch the full session recording below.


Audrey Salerno, Cars.com

  • Tip 1: Calculate how many [ X ] before a visitor’s first [ Y ]
  • Tip 2: Log data issues, site changes, and marketing events in Adobe Analytics
  • Learn more about both tips and hear from Audrey herself here

Ben Meck, Aetna.com

  • Tip 1: Connect Telesales and Online Experience
  • Tip 2: Measure How Your Offline Campaign Traffic Engages Online

Dave Gatdula, Toyota

  • Tip 1: Analysis Workspace: The Rich Text Editor and Formatting Like a Boss
  • Tip 2: Analysis Workspace & Crispy Visuals

Jenn Kunz, 33 Sticks

  • Tip 1: Use Virtual Report Suites to Reduce Server Calls…and use a Numeric Event to still get local currency
  • Tip 2: Create Custom Reports with Activity Map Region/link


To see all the EMEA Rockstars in action, watch the full session recording below.


Piermarco Burrafato, Elsevier

  • Tip 1: Apply a monthly unique visitor ratio to behavioral personas to accurately evaluate user growth. Learn more
  • Tip 2: Trend time-based cohorts to KPIs to discover the “aha moment” for your customers. Learn more

Chris Leyland, Sky Betting & Gaming:

  • Tip 1: Creating Weekly Average Calculated Metrics
  • Tip 2: Creating Rolling Weekday Averages with Calculated Metrics + Date ranges
  • Learn more about both tips + a bonus tip

Urs Boller, Raiffeisen Switzerland:

  • Tip 1: Processing Rules Inspector
  • Tip 2: Adobe Analytics Documentation 2.0. Learn more


To see all the US Rockstars in action, watch the full session recording below.


Meghan Powers, CarMax

  • Tip 1: Create an automated click overlay by leveraging ReportBuilder and DTM.
  • Tip 2: Expand the click overlay to visually align conversions and CTAs on a page.

Halee Kotara, Blast Analytics & Marketing

  • Tip 1: Use Analysis Workspace to streamline the QA process of mobile app and web data.
  • Tip 2: Set and measure targets for your KPIs based on historical growth.

Kerri Adcock, National Instruments

  • Tip 1: Combine the powers of classifications, sub-classifications, and classification rules for a highly governed data strategy.
  • Tip 2: Use the data from Adobe Target activities to create segments and calculated metrics that further expand the integration with Adobe Analytics.

David Berger, TIAA

  • Tip 1: Leverage Calculated Metrics and the Fibonacci sequence to create a super-powered engagement score.
  • Tip 2: Use internal search to identify SEO and paid search opportunities.

Audrey Salerno, Cars.com

  • Tip 1: Segment visitors by their level of re-engagement to measure new visitor retention.
  • Tip 2: Trend visitor engagement metrics with custom rolling date ranges that bind the visitor retention segments to individual months.

Matt Botta, Jet.com

  • Tip 1: Manipulate some advanced functions to better analyze your product assortment via Calculated Metrics.
  • Tip 2: Incorporate nested IF functions in a calculated metric to understand if you are on pace to hit your end-of-month goals.



Urs Boller, Raiffeisen Switzerland

Piermarco Burrafato, Elsevier

  • Tip 1: Use of Date Ranges to Split Monthly Active Users into New, Retained, Resurrected, and Churned Users​. Learn more
  • Tip 2: Use a "Month Selector" to Properly Calculate Retention Metrics

Amit Kanakrai, EE

  • Tip 1: Use Adobe Analytics to track online recommendations from a multi-channel tool
  • Tip 2: Connect app data from screen views and actions for a complete view


To see all the US Rockstars in action, watch the full session recording below.


David Bressler, Net Conversion

  • Tip 1: When event data is missing — leverage statistics, page views, and correlation analyses to fill in the gap
  • Tip 2: Create a calculated metric that truly shows average page load time

Brad Millett, Blast Analytics & Marketing

  • Tip 1: Use data from your Activity Map to automatically fill in data gaps
  • Tip 2: Define and visualize your customer’s journey

Hila Dahan, 33 Sticks

  • Tip 1: Connecting the disparate dots along a customer’s journey is difficult
  • Tip 2: Democratizing analytics data with an integration with Slack

Rob Adams, W.W. Grainger

  • Tip 1: Analyze the success of these algorithmically presented products (Adobe Target + Analytics)
  • Tip 2: Take advantage of time-parting functionality to break up “business days” from “non-business days”

Prolet Miteva, Autodesk

  • Tip 1: Go where your users are and give them data there
  • Tip 2: Understanding potential audience size for a Target offer is a requirement for choosing your segmentation wisely.


To see all the EMEA Rockstars in action, watch the full session recording below.


Till Buettner, DHL

  • Tip 1: Prop-pathing with Analysis Workspace Flow
  • Tip 2: Self-explanatory dashboards in Excel or HTML

Andreas Dierl, adlytics

Andrew Wathen, Nationwide

  • Tip 1: Simplify & maximise efficiency with Analysis Workspace
  • Tip 2: Standardise analysis components

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