Church Architecture Nicole mathiot & payton goodrich Ecclesiology april 27, 2017

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Narthex, long & narrow porch in the front of a church

Nave, the seating area where most of the congregation resides.

Sanctuary, where the alter is kept and where the priest conducts mass from.

Sacristy, where the chalice, bread, wine, and religious pieces are kept after mass.

Tabernacle, Where the body and blood of Christ is kept

Lamp of the tabernacle, it is a sign that the blessed Sacrement is reserved or stored.

is a reading desk, with a slanted top, usually placed on a stand

Pulpit, where the priest gives his sermons or homilys and where the readings are read.

Altar, where the priest preforms most of the mass and where the sacramental pieces are held for mass.

Baptismal font, where people, especially children, are baptized in the holy water.

Stations of the cross shows Jesus' struggle

Chair for the celebrant, where the priest resides while certain parts of the mass are going on.

Transept, only in cross shaped churches and is the part where it forms the two arms of the cross.

Apse, a semi circle usually at the east end of the church over the altar.

Dome, a rounded ceiling on the roof of a structure.

Ambulatory, an isle around the apse for walking.


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