A New Moon DAniel Correa

Earth has run out of resources needed to live life on this planet. You have been sent, along with your fellow players, to acquire the resources that earth needs in order to survive. You will be sent with 5 members that will be your Research Team.

This is how the game begins; with 2-4 players, 5 Research Members are to be placed on the base of their choosing. There are four bases at the corners of each side of the board with the Mother Ship in the center.

Inside the pouch there are various amounts of tiles that you will discover as new parts of the moon. The tiles found in here are Regular lunar tiles, Resource tiles, and Special tiles
Above are the Special Tiles
  • The Alien encounter and the Lunar Sandstorm count as lunar tiles.
  • A= Alien encounter: you can influence the alien by having 3 or more Resources to do A SINGLE ACTION for you:
  • If drawn in the middle of an LS phase, one can have him save your team from that storm.
  • One can place the Alien in any unoccupied space and collect the resources.
  • The alien is immune to the LS but not the Radiation or the Mini bomb.
  • Stays on the tile and counts as a team member at the end of the game for the player who draws it
  • LS= Lunar sandstorm
  • 3 different types
  • A Phase 2 storm
  • A Phase 3 storm
  • A Phase 4 storm
  • A phase is a whole rotation of turns, depending on number of players.
  • Members of the team caught out in the storm die.
  • R= Radiation tile: all tiles around the radiation tile are now radiated and unable to be occupied unless a hazmat suit is built for one's team.
  • Research members without a hazmat suit on cannot be on a radiated tile for more than a single turn or else they will die.
Above are the Resource tiles, each with their own value
  • r= +1 Resource for one's team.
  • Dr= +2 Resources for one's team.
  • Tr= +3 Resources for one’s team.

In order to acquire these points, you must have a Member of your team physically on the tile. Resource points are the objective of the game and the player with the most amount of Resource Points will be awarded Victor. The game is ended when a single member of the Research Team boards the mother ship so if you end the game, that does not mean you win.

Who's Turn is it?

Players decide who to go first and the game then goes in a clockwise rotation, turn by turn. When it is your turn, you have a couple of options to what you can do. You can discover a new piece of the moon OR you can move your Research Team members. You cannot do both in one turn. When it comes to building, it must happen at the beginning of ones turn.

Like a puzzle, when placing a Lunar tile or Resource tile, the tile must be adjacent to another tile. No diagonal placing of tiles. You can place a tile wherever you want as long as it is adjacent to another one. Also, you can only reach the Mother Ship, meaning you cannot place tiles starting from there.

Being a point to point movement game, you can only move your team members one tile away. Research members are incapable of moving diagonally. When moving out of the Base or a Personal Hub, one can move two members at a time. Once out on the field, if you choose to move them, they can each move 1 tile away.

Red team with 3 points, Grey with 0 points, yellow with 0 points, Blue with 5 points

Above you see how the game goes after a certain amount of time. You can also see, for example with yellow, that even though they have found a Double resource, they do not have a member on it so they do not receive those points. you can also see how the Radiation tile was just placed by Grey and in Blues next turn, he must move his men out of the blast zone or build a hazmat suit.


There 4 things you can build. In order to build them, you must acquire the certain amount of Resource points to build them. When building a tile, you must put the Resource Tile used to build back into the pouch. When "cashing in" tiles, they must be the exact price of what you build. When placing a built tile, it can only be placed on top of a regular lunar tile. The Personal Collector, however, is placed on top of the Resource of the builders choosing. Lastly, when a member is picked up to "cash in" the Resource tile, he is to be placed to any tile adjacent to the tile picked up.

  • 3 Resources = Personal hub (One per team)
  • 4 Resources = Mini bomb
  • 4 Resources = Personal Collector (One per team)
  • 3 Resources = Hazmat suit (One per team)
  • Personal hub: a safe space from the lunar sandstorm, only available to the player who builds it
  • Mini bomb: Acts as a radiation tile just much smaller (a 2x2 square) and is to be placed on top of the four tiles that will be rendered useless. The Mini bomb cannot not be placed on top of the base and the mother ship.
  • Personal Collector: can be universally placed like the Alien
  • Hazmat suit: When bought, your Research Team is now immune to Radiation and the player can move when the item is built. (The Alien does not count as in one's team)
Here we have the end of the game with Blue being Victorious

As the game continues, the moon is discovered more and more. As shown here, Blue has won the game by getting to the Mother Ship with the most amount of points. This is how a game will typically look when it is over.


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