Working Title (Untitled) MINA NOWZARI & SARIENA LUY

ZOOM Student Film Festival: Experimental Film

  • ROLES:
  • Produced by Mina Nowzari & Sariena Luy
  • Directed by Mina Nowzari
  • Edited & Cinematography by Sariena Luy
  • Starring Michelle Lam (Gr. 12 Rosedale Heights School of The Arts - Film Major)

SYNOPSIS: During two different stages of her life, a girl explores her Chinese culture through the five senses, chronicling her ever-changing views and responses to her heritage. Through this experimental short, the film follows the lifestyle differences through a split screen of two different periods of the main character’s life. It goes to juxtapose perspectives and reactions to Asian culture.

  • Prop: Knife
  • Line of Dialogue: "Line of dialogue"
  • Number: 5
  • Setting: China Town

The film is inspired off the Cibo Matto - Sugar Water Music Video

The film is split screen to differentiate the two time periods in which the girl is living in, helping translate her perspective on the culture. Focusing on the five senses in relation to her outlook on her heritage; specific imagery and sound is used to invoke a visceral reaction in the viewer.

  • EXAMPLES OF SENSORY PERSPECTIVES (Brainstorming of Shots):
  • Hear: "Good Things"
  • Taste: Being a meat eater; Asian candies
  • Smell: Egg waffles; Chinese food
  • Touch: Lantern; Storefronts
  • See: Everything
  • Hear: Not understanding the language
  • Taste: Durian; Burning on tongue on tea
  • Smell: Downtown sewage
  • Touch: Dirt (?)
  • See: Washrooms


Example of yellow subtitles in Foreign film.

NOTE: Our "line of dialogue" is going to be told through yellow subtitles.

Starring: Michelle Lam

CHARACTER PROFILE: Growing up in western society, Michelle becomes accustom to westernized traditions, slowly rejecting her own as a way to fit in with her peers. The left side of the screen chronicles her visit to Chinatown. After years of avoiding the eclectic and cultural epicentre Michelle feels out of place and uncomfortable. The right side of the screen chronicles her visit after reacquainting herself with her culture. She is able to take in the vibrancy of her Chinese culture and becomes more appreciative of her roots.

  • "Good Perspective" - Sunday, January 15th
  • "Bad Perspective" - Sunday, January 22nd
  • Knife
  • Food (Asian candies/baked goods, tea etc.)
  • COSTUMES (Red is the most prominent colour):
  • GOOD: Grey trench coat, red scarf, red lipstick
  • BAD: Red Canada Goose jacket, black pants
(Storyboards made by Mina)
Created By
Sariena Luy

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