Valkyrie & Co Apparel Industry focused business strategies and consulting

There are more brands emerging each year now than ever before, but a higher percent of failure as well.

How do you position yourself to succeed?

I have helped over 20 businesses within the last year launch or redirect with success = growing business/ brand awareness / open lucrative channels for distribution.

It would not hurt to get a fresh pair of eyes on your business model, and most importantly a versatile and multi experienced brain with a focus on creative solutions and new proven methods.

Midus Touch

How I help my clients succeed and services I offer:

  • Brand Positioning/ Repositioning
  • Business and Goal Analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Price Point and Market Evaluation
  • Competitive Data Research
  • Expert Bird's Eye Perspective
  • Defining White Space, Opportunities for growth within and without the organization
  • Brand Awareness and Collaborations
  • Creative Sollutions
  • Sales Strategies and Analysis
Lets Get Creative - Thinking outside the box is not just a tag line on a resume. We walk the walk, balancing with realistic goals and innovative approaches to make sure you get up and stay up.
Having a bird's eye view of the market, knowing the processes in and out, we can focus your efforts on the right direction for your business, be it start-up or a legacy key player that needs a refresh. You need fresh eyes, fresh mind, and someone to help navigate through the changing landscape that's become the apparel industry.

Your organization surely holds super star employees with invaluable insight, however, the other side of the coin is just as valuable. With someone who has The Old ways aren't working anymore. I have seen the old and I have been part of the creation of the new. With gathered perspective on diverse business models, I have first hand experience in what is bringing success to some, while bringing a much bleaker fate to others. Valkyrie & Co will do your battle and ensure you have the tools and direction for your business to stay at the top of the game.


Marina Bekker



Becky Yee

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