Finding Balance By: maggie peterson

Life… it’s a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, but on this roller coaster you don’t know when those bumps will come. Sometimes you could be smoothly cruising along and then you come across a problem, a bump in the road. From time to time those bumps could be a problem with your friends or family, or a decision you have to make, or it could even be a little thing like doing a chore when you don’t feel like getting off the couch. For me it was a decision. I had to chose between going to a family event or going to a soccer game.

It was just a regular soccer game and my mom got an invitation from my aunt about a party with my whole family. I figured I could just go to the party after my game, but then we figured out that both events were the same time. We tried to think of a way that I could go to my soccer game and make it in time for the party, but there was no way. I chose going to my soccer game because I felt that I needed to support my team. I felt that I needed to be a good teammate to my team and I thought that since soccer was my priority sport I had to go.

When I got back my brother and sister were telling me all the things that happened while I was gone. Now every once in awhile they talk about stuff that went on at that party and I say,”I don’t remember this when did it happen” and they would reply,”I don’t think you were there you were probably at soccer.” This same thing happened more than once and now I am thinking back on it and I wonder if it was the right choice. Every time I have that conversation it hurts because some of the things that they talk about sound fun and I would have wished that I was there. If I ask that one question now they just assume that I was at soccer. I now realize that I need to find a balance between sports and family.

I am very devoted to soccer and my team, but the con to this was I missed out on multiple family activities. Of all the memories that my family has shared together, I have missed out on quite a few of them, I had to leave early from family dinners, parties, and just random gatherings, but on the other hand I helped my team through the hardships of regular games, playoff games, and tournaments. My team and my family are both very big parts of my life and I need to find a balance between the both of them. Throughout my life I have always been going to soccer, and I now realize that I need to consider my family when I need to make a choice between soccer or family.

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