Plant Cell Analog Book By: JoShua Scott

You see, a Plant Cell Is Just like a Kingdom for many reason.
For one reason wall around the kingdom is like the cell membrane. The wall controls movement of people and things coming in and out of the kingdom. Just like a cell membrane in a plant. It controls movement of materials in and out of the cell.
Another example is that the castle is like the cell's nucleus. The castle is the control center of the kingdom, it regulates all activity inside of it. The nucleus is also the control center of the cell regulating all cell activity.
The Cytoplasm is just like the courtyard of the kingdom. The cytoplasm maintains and provides support to the organelles. Similar to the cytoplasm, the courtyard holds the other parts of the kingdom inside of it.
The Garden outside of the kingdom is like the Cell's Mitochondria. The Garden takes seeds and transforms them into food that provides energy for the people and animals. The mitochondria produces ATP which is food for the cell allowing it to function.
The Golgi body is like the turret. The Golgi modifies, stores, and routes cell products. The torrent is a small tower that looks over the kingdom and is usually an outlook to route people passing by.
The roads in the kingdom are like the endoplasmic reticulum. Roads are the transport system which allows people and other things to be carried throughout the kingdom. The ER is a transport system that carries substances throughout the cell.
You see a Ribosome is just like a farmer because a Ribosome builds and constructs proteins. Just like a Ribosome a farmer produces food and maintains the farmland by planting crops and keeping it clean.
A lysosomes is like a dungeon. A lysosomes breaks down certain and digest food such as nuclei acid. And a dungeon is the kingdoms jail where prisoners break down physically and mentally.
You see a Cytoskeleton is like a queen because a cytoskeleton keeps cell shape in place and keeps all organelles in place too. Just like a queen a she keeps everything in place and under control after the permission of the king.

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