Discover: Cambodia two weeks of adventure, education and service

Horns blaring, faces blurring as the scenery among us is ever-changing. You offer a small smile -- a tentative wave to the woman selling oranges in the crowded roadside market. The dusty streets of the city leap toward the slow countryside. Here, life is simpler... but there’s more to this story. You meet an old woman, and although her posture shows years of stress and wear, strength burns in her eyes. Fields of rice, towering palms, bicycle chains, youthful giggles, grazing cattle. Sandals kick up the dusty roads in clouds, and the scene changes. Bustling markets, cold coffee, roosters and a motorbike carrying coconuts.

This is Cambodia.

As we neared the border of Vietnam and the Kingdom of Cambodia, the fields became lush and green in the late afternoon sun. The line drawn in the rocky asphalt by border patrols was easy to navigate, but I knew very little about the kind of place I now found myself in.

I couldn’t have imagined the resilience, positivity and beauty Cambodia radiates.


We experience the local lifestyle of the Cambodian countryside at Meas Family Homestay.

Hope for Happiness

Hope for Happiness: In responce to the need for better education, the Meas family established this school to offer local teens the opportunity for further schooling in their english knowledge.
The Weaving Village: Employing local women and giving their families financial and social security.
Coconut soap made from natural ingredients and dyes - sold at market to promote social buisness.

From the dry fields and scattered palms blanketing Angtasom, to the turquoise shallows of Rabbit Island, the diverse beauty of this place is plentiful.

Rabbit Island

Warm days in the sun blur into cool evenings swimming in the salty river. Jumping off of old wooden docks -- bare feet slipping on the soft wood before taking off on a riverside rope swing. The saturated sunsets over Bokor Hill stunned our wandering spirits.

Welcome to Kampot
The home building project focuses on dedicated and deserving families in rural areas of Kampot.
Securing the bamboo flooring.
After a long day of work- a swim and riverside lounge is absolute bliss.

The smooth dip of a paddle through palm-traced canals transported us to another world.

SUPing through canals of palms
On our way to climb in the countryside of Kampot with Climbodia...
Phnom Penh
Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
The Royal Palace in Phenom Penh
Siem Reap

Old stones pave an awe-inspiring story of a civilization hundreds of years in the past. The echoing halls of Angkor Wat were lit by glowing candles and the warm light of the early morning sun. The sweet aroma of incense guide our dusty feet over twisted tree routes and deeper into the jungle temples.

Ta Prohm Temple

Next Stop: Southern Thailand

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