Launch day: Changing lives through tennis How can you get involved!

Let's start by letting you know who we are...

We are Felix (16) and Lucian (13), two junior performance tennis players who are also brothers - each with the dream to one day become professional tennis players. For that aspiration, we train and play tennis nearly every day.

To combine passion for tennis & fun we started to share our journey on You Tube and Instagram. Say "Hello" to the tennis Brothers.

As tennis Brothers we have become globally the #1 social media junior tennis influencers - we currently have 80.000+ followers.

We also achieve more than 18 million branded impressions per year.


What if we combine our passion for tennis, our ability to reach an audience of 18 million a year with a good cause that will help changing lives? What if?

Say hello to our "Changing lives with tennis" idea. We will support 2 charities / Cardiac Risk for the young and Tennis4theWorld by raising awareness for their cause.

We do this by playing against 50 tennis players in a "Tie break to 10 format" / filming the game & publishing it on our YT channel while at the same time raise awareness of our 2 charities within each of the 50 episodes

We also ask our opponents & the millions of people who see the videos to support the charities by sharing the videos.


Supporting Cardiac Risk in the Young & Tennis4TheWorld

In each of our 50 "Tie Break to 10" episodes we will mention the charities we are working with - each video will be viewed around 50.000 times - making more than 2 million people aware of their good causes.

We ask brands we know if they will partner with the charities by providing donation and goods.

We are donating a % of our YT income from a total of over 300 videos to both charities.

Each video will provide a dedicated link to either Cardiac Risk in the Young or Tennis4THEWorld - we expect 10.000+ link clicks in 2020.

We also ask our opponents, their tennis clubs friends and friends to activate their respective networks to promote the videos as well as to donate to Cardiac Risk in the Young or Tennis4TheWorld.


Each match will be commented from one of the UK's most prominent Tennis TV Sports commentators Marcus Buckland ( SKY SPORTS & Amazon Prime Tennis )

We will play against ATP pro's or retired pro's, Coaches, Tennis Celebrities, Fans of ours, Competitive Club Players as well as aspiring Junior Players.

We play one set in a "Tie Break to 10" Format matching a ATP Master Tie break


Each episode will be around 10 minutes showing a shortened version of the complete "Tie Break to 10" match

Please see above an early stage format test. The 2020 episodes will be similar.

To go beyond tennis we will include a entertaining & insightful commentary from Marcus Buckland ( seen on SKY TV & Amazon Prime ) We will also introduce the players itself.

Each episode will also provide key facts about the good cause Tennis4theWorld as well as Cardiac Risk in the Young do.



Lucian Mischker will be the the 2020 Tennis Ambassador for the charity Tennis 4 The World. Lucian feels passionate to help other children to gain the amazing tennis experiences, experiences that he takes for granted as a Tennis Scholar at the Reeds Tennis School Academy.

Lucian's first donation back in 2017

In 2020 tennis Brothers will donate 1 GBP for every point Lucian makes within the "Change Lives" tour in 2020.

Cardiac Risk in the Young

Felix started playing tennis at the age of 5, he attended national champs and is currently Top 50 in GB for 16&U

A heart check up at the age of 15 made him aware of the risks of young athletes. Hence his decision to support the Cardiac Risk in the Young charity.

Felix at a heart check up 2018

Felix will donate 1 GBP to CRY during the "Changes Lives" tour in 2020. He also hopes to raise awareness within our tennis community.

How can clubs & academies secure one or more of the just 40 available places?

We are happy to come to your club to film the episodes if you are OK to promote the final episodes to all your club members.

We will feature & name your club in the video - seen by more than 50.000 people

We will promote you via our 38.000 strong Instagram account

Contact us under: lizmischker@hotmail.co.uk or on Instagram @tennisbrothers

How can individual players make sure they play against us?

To be accepted you need to play tennis at competitive level ( junior ) or at a good club level ( coach or regular competition level )

You would help us to promote your episode as well as use your network to inform your friends about the episode on You Tube

We will feature & name your club in the video - seen by more than 50.000 people

We will promote you via our 38.000 strong Instagram account

Contact us under: lizmischker@hotmail.co.uk or on Instagram @tennisbrothers

Created By
Michael Mischker