The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt

The layout of the theatre was very spacious. Our seats were very close to the stage, but we were near the wall on the left side of the stage. We were able to hear the performers very clearly and see all of the props and scenes easily. This was the first play that I have been to since I was very little, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Being able to experience this play with friends made the experience a lot more satisfying. We were able to go get dinner before and enjoy the play together. We also met some people that we were sitting next to and talked to them for a little bit before the play started. Friends are a huge part of the Good Life because they help make tough times easier and good experiences more fun.

I was very skeptical about attending this play because I usually am not a fan of the theatre and dramatic performances, but I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed this play. I think attending dramatic performances make us have a different outlook on life because it makes us experience different emotions not always expressed through everyday life. I knew very little about the play before I went, but I was surprised by how funny it was. I also learned a lot about the time period. The setting was a time period when the Catholic Church was very powerful, and they did not approve some of the acting and with how much attention actors were getting above God. The situation is similar to today because some actors are worshiped and held to such a higher standard than others.
I think that plays and performances can be very beneficial to us because it lets us experience both happy and sad emotions that are not necessarily experienced throughout our normal day. They also give us the extreme experiences without having to go through tragic events. And by experiencing these emotions, we can look in on ourselves and think about what is means to experience true happiness and live The Good Life!

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