Time to Get Serious About an Online Classroom Presence

If there's ever been a time to be deliberate about creating an online classroom presence, now is the time. I get the argument against it. Every school doesn't have 1:1 devices. Some teachers say they don't have time for technology. Others feel like their school wifi is spotty. There's always a reason, isn't there?

However, it's past time teachers, students, and parents become more comfortable with online learning, particularly in light of recent world events. So, my challenge is this. As we head into Spring, every teacher needs to create at least one (1) online classroom -- Canvas or Google Classroom, it doesn't matter. Now is the time to learn how to use these platforms and make them work for students.

The time is now for an online classroom.

Whether you have 1:1 devices in your building or next to none, get ready to build your online presence over the summer. I realize those with fewer devices are rolling their eyes. If so, stop. Even without devices, teachers can post content and assignments on either Canvas or Classroom. Use those platforms to "teach" from each day, so they are familiar to students, and use them as the information homework hub for both kids and parents. Absences? There's no better place to share written content, videos, online sites, and more. Instead of placing those items in a website or newsletter, create a link to the online platform. I realize some families don't have an Internet connection at home, but it's amazing how many people own smartphones.

Basically, it's time to stop making excuses and time to get serious about your online classroom presence. The year 2020 demands flexibility from educators, students, and parents, and we must be ready to meet any challenges that lie ahead.


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