Chaco Culture. Kendall By:Kendall Miller

At about 6:00 AM my best friend, Cara, and I went to Chaco Culture. We are driving cause we don't want to spend our money on taking a plane. We are planning to stay for 3 nights and leave in the morning on day 4.
It is $15 for one night so we will only be spending $45 for the trip plus gas. I can't wait until we arrive
Finally, we have arrived and it's already a beautiful scenery. Now we are going to set up our tent and get all of our bags unpacked and prepare for a wonderful 3 days.
On our first day, we are going to go to Dark Sky Park to see the stars and stargaze every night so we can explore and studying the different stars each night.
Here's what Dark Sky Park looks like!
On day two, we will also stop in at the Chaco Museum to see all the prehistoric and historic artifacts.We saw so many sculptures and paintings from all the natives back then.
Here are some artifacts we saw.
For our last day we are going to venture around the land and try to find cool animals and wildlife. They have a wonderful landscape to roam and venture. We saw so many cool animals and plants!
This is a picture or the beautiful landscape that we saw.
Finally, it's time to pack our bags and get ready to head out in the morning. We sure had a lot of fun and would definitely recommend going back. If you want to go to a peaceful and fun place to get away with the family or by yourself I would go to Chaco Culture!


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