The Build Up Adam Schwartz

I can see it now, on the beach, the sound of the ocean, the smell of fresh air, wind rips down the coast line

The sun beams off my skin and seeps into my skin, I feel it, like an acupuncture procedure

The hot sand on my feet keeps me warm as the strong wind gives me goosebumps, running down my spine

Each muscle and every organ loses it's tension, my brain mushed from tests and papers slowly regains its form

Nothing can beat this moment, a week of relaxation and sleep is what I needed

Just let me sit here forever, don't let that sun set, don't bring me back, let me be

GASP... my heart beats, beats, beats, beats, I quickly check my phone, did I miss my alarm

It was only a dream, I see nothing but outlines of my dark dorm

That dream, that vision, let me relax, let me be on that day, don't let that sun set on me

One more week, five days, 2 tests, 2 papers, 2 presentations, and countless hours of cleaning. Let me sleep, let me be

That break, that break is not just any break, it's the break that makes sure I don't break, I have pushed my limit, by brain has become mush, from jello to chocolate pudding

Come on break, come to me, bring me to that dream, and never let that sun set


Created with images by theogeo - "clearwater beach"

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