How dangerous is ISIS? By: Gianna Smith

How dangerous is ISIS really?

The terrorist group ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria ),has been responsible for over 29 attacks since 2014, and over 2,000 people have died.(CNN,2016). They attack and fight many different countries, the U.S being one of them

The group officially started in 1999, and Al Qaeda started in 1988. Isis was founded, but hadn't started to attack until five years later.

ISIS makes up to 3 million dollars a day, by selling oil. Where they are located is where tons of oil is, our troops are pushing them back out of there territory, causing them to lose 18% of their funds. As a result of them losing their funds,they do not have as much money to get weapons.

They get their weapons from the black market, and ransom payments.They have terrorized many people, and their families with there weapons by killing them and sending the videos to the public.

As a matter of fact ISIS has threatened us for a long while now, and at one point in 2016, we had 800 troops fighting against them. As of February, 2017, the pentagon won't announce how many troops are fighting ISIS.

The leaders of our country and Free World, are still trying to figure out exactly what ISIS wants. What is known to the US is, dont want to be taken over, but what is not known is what else that they want. Commanders don't even know what the reason they are fighting against ISIS for, other than “to protect our country.”

When they have a hostage, they do one of three things. They always threaten, but sometimes they will just kill the person because they want to. Other times if the person is important they will hold them hostage and demand for money from the us, or where that person is from They are holding over 3,000 people as their personal slaves, to cook, feed, and do things for them.

They are holding over 3,000 people as their personal slaves, to cook, feed, and do things for them. They also use social media to keep track of what is happening in the U.S. They mainly threaten Washington D.C, the importance of Donald Trump, and the Pentagon, and all of the Historic Monuments, with the information they get from social media.

To conclude this article, ISIS, is a terrorist group who is extremely dangerous to everyone.

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