Superintendent's Summary DR. JACK PARKER ~ 9.30.2021

Although we were so very excited to have all our students back in school, being faced with the Delta Variant made the first few weeks of school incredibly difficult. Recently, we have much to celebrate as more students are remaining in school. Teachers now can focus on one modality of teaching (in-person) and their concerted efforts are proving that student learning is accelerating! To put this into perspective, I want to share an update on our cumulative COVID and Quarantine numbers as of the end of the day on September 29.

  • 207 COVID Positive Individuals
  • 2,282 Close Contacts
  • 2,008 Quarantines

Currently, we have 16 individuals who are COVID positive across all of our buildings. Since we are wearing masks (and the Indiana Department of Health rules have changed), the numbers of students and staff who are placed on quarantine are only 36. Contrast that with the first 16 COVID positive individuals of the school year that found 299 quarantines. It is through the efforts of our students and staff that we are seeing many more individuals stay in school.

The pandemic is very difficult for all of us, and while we may see more variants and spikes in our future, I believe that we will eventually see an end and a return to normalcy. I hear many celebrations each day of how well our students are learning and catching up; and I firmly believe that meeting the needs of our students can best be achieved by keeping them in school with their teacher(s).

Thank you for hanging with us. After a short summer and tumultuous first month, everyone deserves some respite; enjoy your fall break! We are appreciative of all of your support and kind words.

9/11 Commemoration Event

Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation was honored to host a community event to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of September 11, 2001. Veterans, first responders, active military, and local community members joined together at Mt. Vernon High School’s Hancock Health Stadium in solemn remembrance of the events of 9/11. The ceremony was streamed live on Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation’s YouTube channel throughout every Mt. Vernon classroom for all students and the community to experience the true significance of this event. Mt. Vernon students did not experience the events of 9/11 themselves, so the commemoration event helped them understand the impact of 9/11 on our country. Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation thanks all those who were able to watch, attend, or participate in the event sharing a love for our country and all those who serve.

Stewardship Projects

The Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation (MVCSC) contracted with Emcore in 2019 to assess the highest priorities for repairing critical infrastructure throughout all of the school buildings. Several school roofs and HVAC systems were among the most critical to address to prevent any further necessary repairs. As part of being good stewards of our financial resources, MVCSC prioritizes taking care of the facilities we own.

The funding dedicated for these critical needs projects became known as the Stewardship Projects. MVCSC has started installing new roofing sections on the most urgent areas at Mt. Vernon High School, Mt. Comfort Elementary, and soon, the Mt. Vernon Middle School. More efficient HVAC systems in all schools became a priority which will increase the comfort, quality, and purity of the air for students and staff. The Stewardship Projects represent how MVCSC strives to be good stewards of tax dollars and take care of our existing facilities.

All 5 MV Schools Earn HES Accreditation

All five schools in the Mt. Vernon Community School Corporation have earned a Highly Effective Schools Accreditation from Solution Tree. This accreditation is a significant achievement that reflects all five schools’ commitment to reaching and maintaining the highest levels of educational quality.

Mt. Vernon High School, Mt. Vernon Middle School, Fortville Elementary School, McCordsville Elementary School, and Mt. Comfort Elementary School earned this accreditation by maintaining and growing identified areas having the biggest impact on student learning and growth. These areas are directly aligned to the Professional Learning Communities at Work® (PLC) process and the High Reliability Schools™ (HRS) framework. This accreditation demonstrates the dedication our staff and school leaders have to continue their mission to help students become successful in and out of the classroom. We are so proud of the continuing efforts our staff has to provide a positive academic experience for students to develop a lasting love of learning. More information can be found in the article linked HERE.

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