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People are walking there camels. They are also wearing those long robes.

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

There are many ways people adapt to the desert region. People go to the oasis’s for Palm Dates, acacia, and baobob trees and the water. The trees provide fruit for the people and the water provides fluid. Another reason for how people adapt to the desert region is that they wear long robes. They wear these to protect them from the wind blowing the hurtful sand. They also wear them to protect themselves from the burning sun. People adapt to their region in a different way than in America. It is probably very hard to adapt in the desert region with very few resources that they have.

Often times there is centripetal forces in supranational cooperation. There is centripetal cooperation because there is the trade bloc. Without the trade bloc there would be tariffs and people will not have as much money as when there would be a trade bloc. There is centripetal cooperation because there is a common market. A common market lets people move freely across the borders of Europe. There are many centripetal forces in the EU. Most of these helped Europe unite instead of breaking apart.

This picture represents people (in Europe) uniting with each other.

Government is when someone governs the state or country and this is necessary because if there was no government then everything will be out of order. If there were no government then I there would be no laws and the citizens will have to make their own laws. Some of those laws that person makes will only be there to fit that person's needs. It would not be fair to have laws that only fit that person's needs and if that person keeps on making those types of laws then they might take all of the power. Without a government then that state or country might turn into a form it a dictatorship. If there was a government then everything will be in order and everyone, even the leader, will have to follow the rule of law. This would be fair because everyone would not be fighting over want they want. It would be hard without a government, there would be unneeded responsibilities, right, and laws.

What makes a good citizen? A good citizen is someone that does their personal duties by following the laws and paying their taxes on time. Citizens have social responsibilities, too. They need to stay informed about politics, tolerate others and their opinions but need to speak their mind. A citizen has personal rights, for example they have the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech. Citizens have political rights. A political right is having the freedom to vote.


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