Ripple Effect Images Help a Woman, Help the Planet

Ripple Effect Images harnesses the power of visual storytelling to help scale solutions for women and children globally.

Ripple's world-class team of photographers has helped dozens of aid organizations tell their stories beautifully, inspiring support from foundations, grants, and individual donors.

In 5 years, Ripple's aid partners have reported raising over $10 million using our storytelling assets!

Ripple Effect Images’ photos and videos have captured the attention of hearts and minds all over the world.

More attention garners more investment. More investment scales life-changing programs for women and children globally.

That’s the Ripple Effect!

28 Videos, 15 Countries, 24 Aid Organizations - More Than 10 Million Dollars Raised

Ripple's dynamic Photo Library is home to more than 20,000 images and footage from 28 films

An Emotional Connection

Great characters make great stories. Ripple's team is dedicated to earning the trust of the people we cover. The closer our relationship, the more powerful the communication.

Solving humanity's oldest problems in innovative ways

Today, information is all around us. Ripple's global stories illuminate creative solutions carried forward every day by empowered women.

New ideas can be dreamt up in Uganda, be manufactured in Brazil, and solve problems in India... but only if we communicate.

Join Ripple's online alliance of over 100 million!

Our content is spread over a huge network, including The Photo Society and National Geographic!

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