Making and Doing Working with Creative Learning Devices and Apps

We spent a day with Abbey Futrell of The Friday Institute learning to design, code, and build using a variety of 3D tools and programmable devices. Abbey was joined by one of our district technicians, Wesley Armstrong. Wesley demonstrated the 3D drawing software 123D by Autodesk.

Wesley showed the teachers how he uses 3D software and the Makerbot 3D printer to create and then print objects. He stressed the importance of finding the purpose before beginning a project. He also spojke about how important is for students to learn to design their own objects rather than just downloading and printing ready-made objects they find online.

Our first hands-on exercise was to use TinkerCad, a 3D drawing application that runs within a web browser.

We followed the TinkerCad tutorials to learn how to manipulate the 3D tools. As we became more familiar with the software

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